The VESTN Syndicate

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VESTN emerged from the challenges prevalent in real estate investment. With a collective experience exceeding 50 years, our three founders have successfully navigated transactions totalling over $180 million. Throughout this journey, the need for a more effective solution became increasingly evident. The entire investment process, from initial property viewing to settlement, is riddled with inefficiencies and obstacles.

Another crucial realisation was the power of collaboration and shared expertise in making significant strides within the industry. Building a network of valuable contacts willing to collaborate accelerates progress. As the saying goes, “A problem shared is a problem halved”, and with many hands, the workload becomes lighter. This insight led to the inception of the VESTN SYNDICATE — a community where collaboration and shared insights drive success.

The Purpose

The VESTN SYNDICATE will be an exclusive, small alpha NFT community where everyone mutually benefits. This small but powerful community holds a pivotal role within VESTN, acting as its core. Our primary objective is to acknowledge and reward the invaluable support from this community, fostering growth that is mutually advantageous for both VESTN and the Syndicate. The true essence and value of the Syndicate comes from the collective strength of its individual members. Our recruitment process involves vetting individuals based on specific criteria, ensuring that Syndicate members contribute genuine support and alpha to the community. The goal? Real community depth and power.

Value Proposition

As a Syndicate member, you gain premium benefits and exclusive opportunities through the NFT. These include:

  • Priority investment access to platform offerings
  • Exclusive Syndicate staking
  • Syndicate airdrops & rewards
  • Tier 1 VIP access to VESTN platform
  • Specialists, field experts and alpha community members
  • Community mentoring

The Syndicate provides a gateway to institutional-grade portfolio assets previously out of reach to retail investors. Qualifying members of the Syndicate enjoy lifetime VIP status and early adopter advantages across the VESTN ecosystem from deals and discounted rates. Along with partaking in network growth and the opportunity of wealth creation throughout your time in the VESTN Syndicate.

Who are we looking for?

Anyone can be a good fit for the Syndicate. If you are an enthusiast, aspiring investor, specialist, expert, or bring alpha, then you are welcome. If you help contribute value to the ecosystem and help VESTN expand, you are also a good fit. The syndicate will aim to balance all levels of expertise and experience to provide a well rounded diverse community. Everyone wins in the Syndicate.

Real Estate | Architects | Engineer | Finance Specialist | Web3 | NFT | Crypto thought leaders | Founder | Tech | Product | VC | RWA | KOL | Community | Marketing | Trader | High Net Worth | CEO | Developer | DAOs

Selection Process

The process is inclusive and open to everyone. Individuals will be personally selected by the founding team and announced periodically on X and Discord as they join the community. VESTN will begin scouting potential members imminently while opening an application process for individuals who wish to apply for a spot.

Supply: TBC (low supply) | Mint price: Free

Application Form (>5mins) -

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