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Vecap is a project focused on ensuring the security of a smart home network using blockchain technologies and smart contracts. Every action carried out on the Vecap platform will be recorded in an immutable and virtually invulnerable database – in order to crack it, the hacker would need to get administrator access to 51% of individual devices, which becomes absolutely impossible as the project spreads around the world.
Vecap combines all smart homes into a single decentralized network and protects their data from intruders. The platform uses a security standard that is independent of the built-in security features.

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Official website Vecap: http://www.virtualcoin.ca/ 

Block explorers VIRTUALCOIN: blockexplorer.virtualcoin.ca 


Twitter PRVirtualCoin  

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/VirtualCoin  

BitcoinTalk: 1756007  


GitHub: https://github.com/vcoin-z/virtualcoin

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