DappRadar Changed The PRO Criteria and Gone Elitist

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Dapp Radar is the all-in one DeFi protocol that brings capital efficiency, almost limitless liquidity and fully decentralized social trading of Dapps under the same roof. Dapp Radar was created discover, track & trade DeFi, NFT and Gaming projects.... and airdropped $RADAR tokens to the OGs that used the protocol since early days. 

It has all kind of stats and stuff, tracking over 3,500 Dapps across multiple blockchains including Ethereum, BSC, TRON, EOS, WAX, Steem, NEO, and many more. I used it even more after they surprised me with the $RADAR gift!

I've got the aidrop... but why? The DappRadar registered users that used the platform at least once in 2021 were eligible for 5798 tokens, while OG crypto veterans that used DappRadar at least 10 times received 8687 $RADAR!

PVM is born OG so I got the 8697 $RADAR airdrop, a nice gift even if I had to pay $9 in Ethereum for the bounty. It was one of those days when gwei was not crazy high! 

The $RADAR ATH was at 0.86 USD, on the 14th of February 2021 - a love gift for the dapp lovebirds! The all time low was recorded on the 20th of July 2021, at only 0.0164 USD! Given the above statistics ... I decided to HODL and stake!

I hate gwei ... I hate gwei! Staked the tokens in V2 for a short time, then Staking V2 was launched and I had to repeat the process. DappRadar was kind enough to refund the fees spent on the initial staking. Paid $14.85 to re-stake and started earning at 162% APY, farming 320 $RADAR in the first week.

I even voted once, for extending the SushiSwap Liquidity Program, where I went in favor! The program was a follow-up to the $1 mill worth of liquidity on Ethereum mainnet, with Sushi as the main DEX.

Enough mambo-jambo and trips down memory lane .... and move the the true topic! Holding or staking 5000 RADAR tokens granted access to DappRadar PRO features and tools. I matched the criteria with the amount I got from the airdrop, and enjoyed PRO ... until the perk become only for the ETH elite! 

The PRO user has access to premium content, exclusive research and analysis, access to exclusive Discord channels. NFT collectors can harness customized data filtering and NFT sales data, while the Discord notifications will let the users know the breaking news before it goes mainstream.  

The current DappRadar PRO OGs received an ... DappRadar PRO OG NFT! This was to mark the shift towards higher staking requirements, which will force people to buy more $RADAR.

Starting with the summer of 2023, who wants to activate PRO must stake at least 30,000 $RADAR! This is massive, as the requirement went 6 times higher! Holding is not an option, as the amount must be staked to become a PRO user.

I staked and farmed $RADAR since day one but this move doesn't suit me. I am half-way from what it's needed, and staking V2 is now closed. The $RADAR is safe! Harvesting rewards and withdrawing RADAR are still operational! Wow .... thanks! 

Did you feel the sarcasm in my previous sentences? It's frustration towards gwei ... as we all know that gwei sucks! The future of crypto (Ethereum Chain) was asking for $52 worth of $ETH to withdraw my 18k of hard worked $RADAR! (and wasn't even a day when the network was congested!)

Some days the gas fee was over 100 dollars, one time was even $262 ... so my $RADAR is still there .... waiting for few more Shanghai, London, Dublin, Tokyo, Manilla or whatever upgrades! Maybe we will have lower fees once they to the whole Casa del Papel merge!

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