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Cloudwith.me brings the cloud down to earth by simplifying the use of pro cloud services for all levels of web users. The company already has an operating platform providing unparalleled accessibility to the largest cloud service providers and at significantly discounted prices. The company will use the ICO funds for the development and deployment of the Decentralized Application Protocol. Based on the Ethereum infrastructure, the DAP will enable to easily design and launch decentralized peer-to-peer cloud applications such as media services (music & film), social peer-to-peer insurance, decentralized banking, financial services and other applications without limitations or central governance - all monetised by a single uniform currency - the Cloud coin. The protocol will allow seamless setup of self-governing smart contracts for unlimited range of social applications.

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Official website Cloud: https://cloudtx.finance/  https://linktr.ee/cloudtx 

Block explorers CLOUDTX: bscscan.com 


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GitHub: https://github.com/cloudtxchain

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