Optimism tips are activated now

Do repost and rate:

The long wait is finally over! After First anouncing the move to optimism as the second tip able coin on PUBLISH0X it became a little silent about the upcoming transition 

Now it's finally done and you are even able to Tip in Optimism coin already.

As I went through my daily tipping routine, my second Tip of today has been in Optimism!

From now on we have two very promising coins we can get on regulaty bases.

I hope you will all like it and I would be happy to hear your thoughts about the new coin.

I would be very happy to get some answers from you now

Is there anyone who would have loved to see the old coins stay longer?

Do you think Optimism can help to make this platform more successful?

Have a enjoyable weekend all together!

Regulation and Society adoption

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