Newest Bitcoin cloud mining scams entered the scam junk. Never deposit your money and if you do, you lose.

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The age of domain is less than 30 days. They have just made their offers publicly available. Technically two days ago. What they have to offer? Pain, feeling of loss yadda yadda yadda. They are what they don't show. They hide the truth just for that money. You get it. Let us begin. Guess the age, just been 13 days since registration of the domain. The newest that I found. Yeah, it quantifies only money and not for you but only for them. It has four plans to offer. 50% for 10 hours, 1500% after a day, 6000% after 3 days and 12500% after 5 days. Wow! Pretty good investment plans. But these are only good to look at. They are not really worth your time. Money comes next. Their payouts and deposits are  trackable but only few as they mostly pay in payeer. They say freedom, yeah they give freedom but from happiness. Sorry, used for a different sense. Hope you get that. No information about company. Yeah, they take your wealth and only pay bit of your wealth to you. That is the meaning of that website. They offer 0.3% hourly, forever to 0.6% hourly, forever. My god. It means I get to do nothing in my life to earn money after investing. It goes on really bad. You know it. Some people really believe and lose their money after getting 0.3 percent of your investment. That is the bit of your money. They have deposits in different mediums but withdrawals are only by Perfect money. Why? Simply, because it is not trackable. But wait, deposits are also not trackable even though they are crypto payments. They also offer 3 level referral program. Now, people who show payments through these websites, it is only because they want their money back by getting referrals. But they fail to recover cuz they only pay some users. 

How does it feel to you? I know, you might feel that anger and also fun about these scams. They will never be able to hoax us unless you believe them to be true. 

You know what I am about to write if you are regular to my page. Yeah, like, share, comment and tip. Well, those who didn't like it, dislike and mention the reason. It is fun to see dislikes. But actually it hurts. I have gone super mad????.

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