Hamas Using Crypto; Kim Jung Un Stealing Billions from Companies

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The title had summarized everything extremely well. Kim Jung Un is stealing billions of dollars from companies that operate in crypto; this was a result of them getting a ton of sanctions recently which had resulted in them having to search for other sources of funding; they chose to go down the mischievous route. The worst part is, nobody can do anything about it because they're a government. You can't prosecute them in a court of law because their own courts deem their actions necessary for national security. 

Kinda sucks when you look at it from that perspective, but it's a fact. That's how it works. That's how international law works. You can't bother the U.N just for a few billion in stolen assets. It's not worth their time. Regardless, we've got to look at the bright side. Everyone knows north Korea  is stealing assets so they're ramping up security and increasing spend on research for security improvements in most of the targeted crypto projects. 

There's 2 sides to the same coin here. It all depends on how you want to look at it; the facts show that north Korea had easily stolen 4+ billion dollars from these companies. No group of hackers or pen testers can defeat their competition here because a whole government's cybersecurity division will easily beat anything else. No company can ever compete with a government, but you can at least reduce the likelihood of you getting hacked or absolutely decimated by the government in question here which is north Korea. 

What would you do if you had a crypto project that was completely vulnerable to the north korean government's lazarus group? Ramp up security? Spend an extra million or 2 trying to protect yourself from any possible attack? Maybe even higher an extra team just for cybersecurity? Those would certainly work; but.....you'd still be vulnerable. Just alot less vulnerable. That's likely what every ceo out there is having to deal with. Instead of having to deal with the odd hacker or 2...you now have 24-100 hackers to deal with. The actual team's member count is unknown. 

As we speak right now; they're scrambling to hack into a big firm. Their next billion dollar fiasco is underway. 

I'll end this blog post with those words to leave you thinking. 

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