Cryptocurrency and bitcoin becoming your own bank

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What many do not seem to understand is the term being your own bank. So many people think you must sell your Bitcoin for the fake fiat. This Is false. All you need is your phone. No more cards, no more banks, you are the bank.

Let us look at one of the sites, This is a site where you can send Bitcoin to purchase gift cards. This allows you to pay for your purchase at any of the stores, restaurants, or entertainment and travel companies listed.

Gone are the days where the thieves can steal your physical debit card. With being your own bank means to not put the coins on the actual gift card until you are about to use them.

This keeps the coins on the blockchain, safe and secure under your wallet address. This means you only need to carry your phone to pay what you want. There are many ways to be truly free, but this allows you to take complete control and responsibility without relying on the criminal bankers.

The new world allows you to have complete privacy, and complete control of your wealth.

Regulation and Society adoption

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