The one and only Crypto Cholo! Straight out of the Barrio in Califas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello all...  I'm stumbling in here to give y'all a glimpse into the life a swash buckling, risk takung, Bitcoin professizing, Digital Gangsta!!!  I am a computer NERD at heart...  who had stopped following developments in the tech sector for a LONG time.  I had a long and successful career in the automotive industry!  Clearing six figures and thriving in an industry that I worked very hard to establish myself in, but after all the success there was still something missing.  An emptiness.  I remember thinking "There's gotta be more to this world... More exciting stuff, more challenge, more advancement???".  Apparently there was something created that was powerful enough to change the world in a positive way!  And it had been around for 8 years at the time... silently growing and gaining attention, fighting for recognition!  Yes, you guessed it... It was Bitcoin!  The world's first invention of it's time.  A solution to the horribly broken and flawed economic world we were all forced live and operate in.  As my level of understanding of Bitcoin grew, so did my faith and conviction that this piece of technology is heading somewhere.  It is going to establish it's place in the Global Economy as a necessity and disrupt the system that has been in place since forever.  There are too many advantages that prove it's superiority, too many to name right here.  So, as my confidence grew about Bitcouns future I began losing interest in the typical corporate sales job path I was living.  So I decided to leave the best employer that I've ever worked for, and unfortunately/or thankfully the WORST supervisor that I've ever had in my life!  John Morton!  You SUCK as a human being!  But I thank you for your nasty attitude and tactics that pushed me out of that place abruptly!  I ended up getting that company to pay me a severance and left to start my own business.  I utilized all of that extra free time to learn, learn, learn...  Started going to conferences and networking within the crypto space.  I had a Bitcoin ATM installed at my place of business.  1 out of 5000 in the world at the time (2019) and now there are over 40,000 in the world.  No, I haven't gotten rich yet.  I've done more than my share of spreading the word and getting new people to onboard.  I've hit on a few alts that pumped, and then due to my inexperience watched them dump!  Been rug pulled, yes.  Lost a chunk to BlockFi after the FTX fallout.  But I'm here, still standing, and waiting for the b3pl to ring for the next round!! Ding! Ding!  Mothafuckaz!  Let's GOOOOOOO!  I'm riding this thing out all the way, boom or bust!!!  I will either look like a bumbling idiot or a man wise before his time in the end.  I'm betting on a $100,000 Bitcoin during this next Bull Run!  The ATH will reach up to ~$180K and then we will see Bitcoin setle in at $100K for the consolidation phase!  There.  I said it.  I don't like price predictions myself.  But every one always asks.   They're fun to look backbob though... We will see.  The Crypto Cholo will be right he4e for anyone that has a question or is just looking for some banter!  Puro Pinche Bitcoin Putitos and Putitas!!!

Stay tuned as I follow up with some fun and exciting stories from my adventure.  Ride with the Crypto Cholo y'all!  I need a good cliqua around me to succeed!!!  So go ahead and show the Crypto Cholo some love with a 'like' and maybe a little donation!  I'll be telling you about my crypto journey that started back to n 2018... Including the time I had to throw blows over a disagreement on Bitcoin! ??????????

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