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Why did the cryptocurrency get invited to the party?

~ Because it had a lot of Bit-appeal.

What did the Bitcoin say to the altcoin?

~ You're not my type – I like to stay exclusive.

Why did the cryptocurrency bring a ladder to the bar?

~ It heard the drinks were on the house.

How does a cryptocurrency say goodbye to the week?

~ See you on the blockchain!

What's a cryptocurrency's favorite vegetable?

~ Byte-ccoli.

Why did the cryptocurrency apply for a job?

~ It wanted a stable career.

How does a cryptocurrency get around town?

~ By the Bit-bus.

Why did the altcoin go to therapy?

~ It had too many identity issues.

What did the cryptocurrency say to the stock market?

~ You're too volatile for me.

How did the blockchain respond to criticism?

~ It shrugged it off as a non-fungible opinion.

More jokes soon, stay tuned!

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