Can Doge Coin reach $1 and $10?

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Can Doge Coin reach $1 and $10?This text is not an investment recommendation, but rather a mathematical analysis of a purely educational nature, based on the historical series and on-chain data of this cryptocurrency.As the market is sovereign and we may be experiencing a possible bull run, which often makes market behavior irrational and as a result the price of assets becomes greatly overestimated. Therefore, it is possible that we may make some mistakes in this analysis and we recommend that each investor assumes their risks on their own.Without further ado, we are here to check whether the dream that coins with extremely low prices can make several people millionaires if they reach cents on the dollar or even 1 dollar in some cases.Today we will deal with Doge Coin. This currency had its historical peak on May 5, 2021, worth 0.6533 and is currently worth 0.0813.If this same currency returns to its historical top we are talking about 803.5%, but to reach $1, we would be talking about 1230%, which would be an appreciation of 1.53 times its historical top. This in itself would require the currency to contain a certain amount of hype and a reasonable injection of capital. To be more precise, it would need to increase its current market cap by 12 times, that is, its market value would rise to approximately 132 billion, which would take it to the top 3, surpassing tether. To reach 10 dollars, its market cap would reach 1.32 trillion dollars, which would make this meme coin surpass BTC these days.Draw your own conclusions before investing in any risky asset.

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