The World Wakes Up to Unrest Again!

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I have turned on the news this weekend and all I saw was news about unrest in Italy, and rape allegations against Russel Brand that were put together by mainstream media outlets working in coordination with each other. 

Italy has received many immigrants form outside of Europe and Italians are not happy, the local people want to live simple lives - tourism and fishing not immigration problems. 

When it comes to Russel Brand well apparent allegations of rape, sexual assault and emotional abuse committed between 2006 and 2013. I mean isn't that mind boggling that 10 years later he would be coordinately sued/investigated for such crimes? Well, Russell brand is well known for speaking against mainstream media outlets in particular: Sunday times, the times, and channel 4 dispatches. 

It is fair to say that it is clearly coordinated attack on Russel, the same as it was with other popular figures like Donald Trump, and others. 

So what all this has to do with crypto you might ask?

Well, it looks like the crypto fiasco is moving onto the second screen, there is not much left with lawsuits and sell offs. Now it is going onto mainstream and traditional outlets. 

Will we soon see spikes in popularity of decentralized news outlets, is it the final nail in the coffin for the mainstream media outlets filled with corruption and censorship? The fact that they are collectively trying to destroy Russel Brand means he must have done a great job exposing them in one way or the other. We all know by now that the mainstream media is full of trash and untruth. 

People are constantly searching to verify the information now days, and it is very good we have so nay outlets providing information in result breaking mainstream monopoly and misinformation. 

We have almost 3 months till the end of the year, Bitcoin having is in the middle of the next year however we also see more and more positive Bitcoin comments.

The 2017 cycle was driven by the ICO, the 2020 was driven by covid, lockdowns, and mainstream ads. Can we speculate what the next cycle will be driven by? If I had to guess it will be the platforms themselves that had been building during the bear market, and have product ready for mainstream adoption, we will most likely see plenty of ads and events hapenig!

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