France’s Iliad Group Announces Strategic Investment Into AI Industry

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France’s Iliad Group has announced its artificial intelligence (AI) ambitions and a €100 million ($105 million) investment to build a lab for AI research.

The AI industry has been classified as the next revolution after the internet revolution. Due to the industry’s potential, the already-established giants do not want to remain left behind.

Iliad Group Prepares for AI Revolution

To prepare for the AI revolution, the French telecommunications giant invested approximately $105 million to create a lab in Paris for AI research. 

Moreover, it has purchased NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD equipped with NVIDIA DGX H100 systems. Iliad Group claims it is the world’s most advanced AI supercomputing platform.

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Iliad Group’s DGX SuperPOD. Source: Press release

Xavier Niel, chairman of the Iliad group

“When a tech revolution erupts we want to be part of it. 25 years ago, the revolution was internet – and we were there. Today, it’s artificial intelligence – and we’re making sure we’re there for that too.”

Iliad Group’s investment is one of the latest big money flowing into the AI ecosystem. On Monday, BeInCrypto reported that the tech giant Amazon plans to invest $4 billion in the AI startup Anthropic, responsible for the chatbot, a rival to

Venture capital company SoftBank has been going on the offensive with AI investments. And last week, BeInCrypto reported that SoftBank is leading a $280 million investment round for US-based location mapping company Mapbox.

Also, Australia’s largest pension fund, AustralianSuper, has invested $1.6 billion into Vantage Data Centers, which supports the AI infrastructure.

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