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Let's learn about Regulation via these 85 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

Who regulates the regulators?

1. Crypto: Sooner or Later Will Come Regulator

Crypto is here, crypto is there, crypto soon will be everywhere. The only problem is that the larger the industry, the greater attention from regulators.

2. NFTs Challenge The Art Industry's Dominance By The Wealthy Elites

NFT's disrupt the legacy art world by giving power directly to artists and buyers.

3. The Trouble with FIPS

FIPS 140 sets the standard for cryptography used in the United States, but it's got problems. Because of FIPS, we all have problems.

4. Web3 Technologies Show the Promise of Achieving the Original Vision Behind the World Wide Web

Fetch.ai is one of the Cosmos hubs within the Cosmos ecosystem that leverages the Cosmos SDK.

5. DeFi May Save The World Financially

DeFi can be an alternative system for traditional finance but how about we explore it's growth and the potential of the technology underpinning it.

6. Big Tech Regulation Bill Shut Down, But the Fight Still Looms

This bill's chances of passing look stronger than its predecessors. But if the bill doesn’t pass, the industry may change on its own to address its own issues.

7. Did Your Shitcoin Break the Law? [Part 2]

In the movie Alladin, Jafar wishes to be a genie because of their incredible might and power. Alladin proclaims, “You wanna be a genie? You got it!”

8. The Future of Digital Assets with Todd Crosland

Ishan Pandey: Hi, welcome to our “Behind the Startup” series. Tell us about yourself and the story behind CoinZoom?

9. Tokenization of Intellectual Property Rights — Part 1: A Small Introduction to IP Rights

Tokenization of IP rights is something that is sure to come. Companies like Lexit, Molecule, the Open Innovation Platform DEIP are looking for ways to tokenize and liquidate IP rights for different reasons (like M&A or just to increase collaboration in innovation).

10. The hidden risk of ethics regulation

Regulating the tech industry won’t fix its ethical problems, it might make them worse. Mike Monteiro has written the most compelling argument I have seen for regulation. Regulation would address many of the kinds of ethical risks that have made headlines recently. But I think it would leave many risks in place and introduce new risks — a more systemic risk, in fact — that in the long term would actually expose the public and the industry to more potential downside that it currently faces. Regulation at scale requires rules that stipulate what is ethical and what is not, in the case of the discussion of the ethics.

11. Nikkei Advertisement for Astar Network Receives the Backing of Record 329 Japanese Corporations

Astar Network has broken a world record by publishing a national newspaper advertising with the largest brands in a single ad.

12. Could Capture-Resistance Liberate the Web As We Know It?

The internet, by design, has enabled many forms of capture from data mining to market manipulation. So how do we build infrastructures which avoid capture?

13. Saudi Arabia’s Ban on Bitcoin is Unlikely To Last

Cryptocurrencies have been under the microscope by regulators around the world. With South Korea pleading for an outright ban on cryptocurrency earlier this year, which is the third largest market for cryptocurrency now seems to be backtracking on cryptocurrency.

14. Tax Loss Harvesting: Take Losses Near Year End To Mitigate Your Crypto Taxes

If the recent uncertainty in the crypto market has caused you some losses in your investments, chances are you might benefit from them.

15. Tokenized Real Estate in 2020: What's The Update?

As euphoria for new projects took off, it became clear that token creation was relatively easy and agile.

16. Timechain one of the First Licensed DEX Aggregator brings Compliance to Fantom, BSC and Ethereum

Timechain, a decentralized exchange aggregator and permissionless lending and borrowing protocol introduced regulated AMM, Liquidity pools, farming.

17. How VASPs can Comply with FATF Regulations Without Missing A Beat

Crypto exchanges, custodial wallets, and virtual asset service providers (VASPs) are required to follow stringent compliance rules and regulations, or face severe penalties.

18. Lack of SEC Guidance Thwarts Crypto Innovation

As regulators drag their feet on rules surrounding airdrops and tokens, founders look beyond U.S. borders

19. Gary Gensler Comments Hint at Incoming Stablecoin Regulation

SEC chairman Gary Gensler was sworn in as a Securities and Exchange Commission member on February 3rd, 2021. Many considered him Bitcoin-friendly and great for crypto as a whole.

20. Is Regulation Really Needed in the Crypto Space?

Despite all the talk of regulatory standards and bills, the questions of whether the cryptocurrency space really needs intervention has yet to be answered.

21. COINBASE Is About to Be Sued By the SEC

Coinbase Lawsuit Incoming!

22. The Role of Whistleblowers in Cybersecurity

Whistleblowers are employees who report their companies for misconduct. As cybersecurity becomes increasingly important, what role do whistleblowers play?

23. Navigating HIPAA Compliance with Telemedicine: Why It's Essential & What It Means for Practitioners

Adhering to HIPAA regulations is a must - not an option for telemedicine providers! But what does this mean for you? Here's the scoop on the cruciality of HIPA.

24. How Digital Securities Could Empower The Little Guy

A security is a traditional financial instrument, such as equity, debt, or real assets. It represents ownership in (or the rights to ownership in) the aforementioned categories. Securities are also typically exclusive, rather than inclusive, because the process of buying and trading something like equity or debt is slow and expensive.

25. SEC vs. BAYC: US Securities and Exchanges Commission targets NFTs

SEC is interested in one of the most popular NFT collections Bored Ape Yacht Club. Will it be a high-profile precedent for the entire art market of NFT.

26. Everything You Need to Know About This Year's World Economic Forum

Mario Nawfal goes over the World Economic Forum.

27. Is Crypto Winter Over?

Markets seem to be starting a new chapter in hopes of dovish Fed. Yet, there are no signs of crypto summer on the horizon.

28. Did a New German Law Delay Crypto Adoption in Europe?

Crypto adoption is poised on a knife-edge, with regulation and laws prepared to push it either way in a moment’s notice. So far, we have seen countries around the world take a rather tolerant stance towards the crypto world, allowing exchanges and payment providers to operate freely. But it looks as if the tide is beginning to turn.

29. The Bitcoin/Government Battle is Vaporware

For bitcoiners, it is something of a parlor game to think of ways Bitcoin could be killed.

30. "We Need Policies and Systems to Offer Alternatives" - Ramon C. Garcia

In the last few years, there have been many instances where Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have been accepted as a form of currency and payment.

31. What we call 'DeFi' Today Will Just be Called 'Finance' Tomorrow

This article talks about Bitcoin and its DeFi infrastructure.

32. How Is Cryptocurrency Regulated In The US?

This article will discuss the current state of cryptocurrency regulation in the United States and how it could change in the future with more intervention

33. #Mythbusting and Explanation of the Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive or 5AMLD

Starting from January 10, 2020, the Fifth Anti Money Laundering Directive (5AMLD) takes effect. The Directive contains requirements for the mandatory verification for all cryptocurrency platforms clients following the KYC and AML standards, all users who make cryptocurrency transactions must pass verification.

34. Is the BINANCE and Voyager Deal Cooked?

On March 27th, U.S. District Judge Jennifer Rearden granted the Government’s emergency request to halt the Binance and Voyager deal, pending a final appeal.

35. Regulation Might Make Crypto Less Cryptic

The insular nature of the crypto-industry can often discourage potential investors, but digital assets are at an adoptive inflection point. Regulation can help.

36. How to Ensure your SaaS is Compliant - For Developers

This article reviews what kinds of compliance certifications and regulations exist, what they mean for developers, and how to begin the certification process.

37. The Case for Immediate Crypto Industry Regulation: Why Postponing Is Not an Option

Although experts and participants have long pointed out imperfections in the crypto industry, regulatory institutions have continued to delay decisions.

38. OCC the Banking Regulator Says Regulated Stablecoins will Give Holders Confidence

OCC stressed the importance of cooperation and coordination with major crypto intermediaries to fully comprehend the threats with the crypto industry.

39. "Web3 will revolutionize how the world interacts with the Internet of Value"

We believe that regulating the blockchain space is the only way to push these ideas into the mainstream, but we also understand that it’s not that simple.

40. Cryptocurrency Exchanges, FTX Collapse, Regulation and Bank Runs: A Summary

A look at crypto exchanges, regulation and bank runs.

41. The Crypto Industry Is Facing Pressure After Pressure

The crypto ecosystem is currently facing mounting pressure from regulatory authorities.

42. Transparency in AI - Why Ethical Oversight Is Crucial

It's high time we call for ethical and regulatory oversight in AI. Transparency in AI may take some time, but it is going to be of crucial importance.

43. Don't Test The SEC: Declare As Utility or A Security

Recently, in some Blockhain projects born mostly by the brand new teams from around the world that are going to make an ICO, it has become very fashionable to show up or rather be brazenly proud that their project token easily and freely pass such a terrible and hated by everyone - The Howey Test.

44. Here's Why Crypto Taxation is a Good Thing

Back in February this year, outspoken Bitcoin maximalist Tim Draper gave an interview to Fox Business. During the interview, he predicted that cryptocurrencies would go mainstream within the next five years. Of course, Draper is known for his notoriously bullish forecasts, having previously called Bitcoin hitting $250k by 2023. However, his five-year timeline for crypto going mainstream may end up being conservative, based on the significant forward momentum in 2019 so far.

45. 4 Things Humans NEED in an AI-Led World

As the world moves forward, those working with AI — meaning almost all of us — need to take the ethical matter into our own hands.

46. Should Regulators License Blockchain Oracles?

Blockchain oracles, or off-chain data providers, are key players in the blockchain ecosystem - wielding as much if not more power than miners and protocols developers. Often misunderstood and overlooked, they suffer from constant misuse and security vulnerabilities. Licensing and endorsing professional oracles is key to improving the overall health of the blockchain ecosystem.

47. What to Learn From How the Korean Government Regulates Blockchain

Regulators and those in software companies have often struggled to find peace with each other, as unlike previous technologies, the software moves exponentially faster and works under new business models that previous regulations did not account for. That is why Zuckerberg, who tried to avoid regulations in the past by being more transparent than incumbents, has been asking regulators to take a “more active role” and work together towards regulating the internet.

48. Blockchain and Regulation: A Definitive Guide To The Future

Many experts and public service officers are not absolutely happy or impressed with the blockchain technology appearance in the modern world. It has many opponents and skeptics, including financial regulators, who are not inclined to rush things faster as possible.

49. HashKey Capital Receives Approval From the Monetary Authority of Singapore for Fund Management

HashKey Capital, Singapore Pte. Ltd.made the announcement at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2022 that it had received preliminary approval from the MAS.

how is crypto regulated and what legal challenges do businesses and crypto enthusiasts face

51. How Regulation is Propelling Trust in the Digital Asset Industry

Since digital assets were launched, they have received intense attention from retail and institutional investors globally and have achieved notable adoption milestones. This progress has occurred even with the different approaches taken by regulators who are still refining laws for digital assets across global jurisdictions.

52. What are 1099-B Tax Forms and Why They’re Going to Be Necessary for Crypto Exchanges

As cryptocurrencies become more widely used, the US government is now looking to tax them, now using the 1099-B tax form to do it. Here's what you need to know

53. The Future of NFTs and Metaverses: Big Brands, Metaverse Law, and More

The key thing about these NFTs, regardless of the metaverse, is that they have a value outside the game and can be transferred to anyone on the blockchain.

54. How to Market and Sell NFTs to Investors

This article talks about how projects can market and sell NFTs, building community and decentralized finance.

55. How Does The Backsolve Method Work In A 409a Valuation?

In this article, we will look at how the 409a valuation for the market value of a company's stock can be managed using methods such as the backstop method.

56. What Would President Andrew Yang Do For Cryptocurrency?

Andrew Yang is a 2020 presidential candidate who has earned sizable grassroots support from left-leaning cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and neoliberal technophiles; as well as a significant section of both professional and independent media organisations.

57. Blockchain Helps Provide Data Security When Countries Impose Sanctions

SMIC (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation) became another Chinese company restricted by the US. In the global supply chain, collateral damages caused by these restrictions may go far beyond what people can think of.

58. Decentralized identifiers for DeFi? Definitively.

Writing about the current situation in DeFi space, regulations for its users, and the LTO solution using Verifiable credentials and decentralized identifiers.

59. Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA): Europe’s Startups to Restore AI Excellence and Trust?

For all its lofty goals and vague formulations, the AIA clearly sets up startups and SMEs for algorithmic success. They can – and should – rise to the occasion.

60. US Regulatory Uncertainty is Stifling Innovation - Fact or Fiction?

The ongoing saga of US cryptocurrency and blockchain regulation seems to be never-ending. It first became a hot topic in light of the ICO boom of 2017 and 2018, as the SEC started to zero in on the likelihood of unregulated sales of securities. Since the recent bull run on Bitcoin and Facebook’s subsequent Libra announcement, crypto regulation is once again a heated talking point for the US regulators. However, although discussions continue to rumble on, there’s still no firm end in sight.

61. Examining The Right To Be Forgotten Through The Prism Of Blockchain

The right to be forgotten, that is set out in the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union (EU), mainly in article 17 and that already have come into force on 28th May 2017, nowadays empowers any person to correct or even delete his personal data and information that affects him (person) and stop being treated if this personal data are no longer necessary for the purposes collected or if a person has not withdrawn his consent.

62. Governments Pressuring Tech Giants Isn't Going to End Well (for Governments)

The world has come a long way in terms of its relationship with technology and knowledge. It’s almost universal that people are often afraid of new inventions that are supposed to improve their lives. We feel threatened by what’s out of our intellectual grasp.

63. Exploring Different Perspectives on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

This is a written recap of a discussion organized by Dominicans on Wall Street, a non-profit organization, between legal experts, venture capitalists, and government officials. The author has no vested interest in any of the projects mentioned and does not offer investment advice.

64. Crypto Adoption or Abandonment: What Will India Decide?

As a result, the rushed RBI 2018 proposed ban on crypto trading left the Indian traders uncertain about the future for over two years.

65. Why Can't the United States Regulate Algorithms?

Why is it so hard to regulate algorithms in the United States?

66. Crypto Regulation Aspects in South-East Asia

The most important part of the investors' trust in crypto assets is their legal regulation. Now, we have several types of countries according to crypto regulations. The first ones include only El Salvador, where Bitcoin is a legal tender. The second ones unite countries where there’s a legal basis to buy/sell/margin trade/issue new tokens, and so on. The last ones are like China, where crypto activities are strictly forbidden. Many South-East Asia countries focus on providing a legal field for crypto companies to work and managing issuing crypto assets. The regulation authorities look for tax deductions of both individuals and companies if they make profits, trading crypto assets. Also, the countries pay much attention to anti-terrorist financing activities.

67. Internet Privacy Under Continued Attack by the US Government

Wars can be fought in the real world but there is also a virtual battlefield - and it is just as harmful. The Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act is the latest attempt to access people's encrypted data and it serves as another reinforcement.

68. 5 Challenges Your Cannabis Tech Startup Needs to Solve: 2020 Edition

With recreational and medical marijuana legalisation efforts comes great business opportunity, and unsolved problems. As of today, recreational and medical marijuana legalisation efforts have succeeded in multiple jurisdictions across the world, and counting. On the list is Luxembourg to become the first European country to join the ranks of Canada and U.S. in relaxing weed laws.

69. Crypto CFDs and Derivatives Should be Regulated for Investor's Safety

In this interview with Marcus Fetherston from Eightcap, we talk about CFDs, derivatives, and regulations.

70. As ICOs Wane, Big Money Squeezes Out The Little Guy

In 2017, the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) exploded onto the global scene and upended the traditional method of funding an early-stage business. For a while, many believed that we were witnessing the dawn of a more egalitarian financial era; one where anyone with a good idea and the ability to make it a reality could access easy money and a shot at success. As it turned out, it was too good to be true.

71. Stablecoins - The T0000000.1 Problem

It is easier to understand why something acts as a solution, than understand why it acts as a problem.

72. Great News About Self-Regulation In VPN industry: i2Coalition’s VTI Essentials

In the last decade, the VPN market has been steadily growing, and this growth was spiked even further in 2020. Two main reasons contributed to an even more expansive use of VPN software: 1) Covid-19, quarantine, and work from home set the needs for home network security; 2) cybercrime has been on the rise and cybersecurity became a more common issue.

73. How does IT Process Automation Help in Improving Business Productivity

Discover how IT process automation help in improving business productivity.

74. Striving Not to Be A Success But to Be of Value with Joshua Marriage

Joshua Marriage from Australia is a dissident technology enthusiast interested in bitcoin fungibility, the Big Brothers of Blockchain, and the need for surveillance-free satoshis, who's been nominated in the Noonies Decentralization Award Category. Read on for  Joshua's Noonies interview, right below the ad break.

75. Crypto Regulation in the U.S. and Europe: Everything That's Happening

Looking back at the events that unfolded in 2022, it was quite obvious that regulators would take a serious stance on crypto activities sooner rather than later

76. How To Work With Influencers Without Violating The FTC Guidelines

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has guidelines regarding influencer marketing. Be informed and follow the rules - that's our advice.

77. Can We Predict the Future of Cryptocurrency?

What's the future of cryptocurrency? With all eyes focused on the global economic climate and a tumultuous recent history for crypto, it's anything but clear.

78. What's With The SEC Mulling Over Safe Harbor Laws for Cryptocurrencies?

This article discusses how financial regulators can regulate smart contracts in such a way that the adoption of the blockchain is feasible. I will argue that to regulate cryptocurrencies without destroying it, fungibility must be maintained, and it must be treated as money.

80. What's Happening to Bitcoin: Price Drop and Forecasts from Kyrrex

Crypto-investors have recently expressed concern over the price fluctuations of Bitcoin. Please find below the Kyrrex forecasts on the present state of Bitcoin, the causes for price volatility, and expectations for future changes.

81. UK CMA Intervention in Meta-Giphy Deal Could Signal Increased Tech Space Regulation

The outcome of the CMA's investigation into the Meta Giphy acquisition could set a precedent for future deals in the tech sector.

82. One Step Closer to Regulation of the Crypto Ecosystem

Diving deeper into the regulatory scope of the crypto industry.

83. No More Cable Hunting: EU Sets Date for Common Phone Charge Cable

In this thread, the Slogging community discussed EU regulation on charging cable equalization and its impacts on innovation.

84. How Does The SEC Handle Complaints?

Even public companies with a strong code of conduct, an exemplary tone at the top, robust internal controls, and a culture of compliance may face allegations of misconduct that can lead to an investigation by the Division of Enforcement of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC or the Commission).

85. SEC Policy: Protecting the Rich, Fighting Competitors, Presumption of Guilt?

Double standards in SEC. The opinion of Kiyosaki.

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