People are using their cars to mine crypto, and some of them are making decent cash doing so

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Siraj Raval, U.S. resident and Tesla owner, has tweaked his 2018 Model 3 to mine cryptocurrencies, specifically ETH. Raval said he hacked the onboard firmware and connected GPUs to his Model 3 to get the job done.. So far, he says he's been able to mine an average of 0.25 ETH a month, worth around $750-800 at the time of writing.

This is one of many similar stories we've heard about in the last few months. Others have done it, with various degrees of success, and even though this obviously invalidates the warranty, they all said the same thing: "it's worth it". I can see why.

There's actually more to the story because up until now, we've only had private customers who've personally modified their cars to do this, but now there are new, start-up automakers that are building cars with this specific feature. A company in Denmark called Daymak has just launched the Spiritus EV, a weird- and futuristic-looking 197-hp 3-wheeler that can apparently mine crypto while it's parked. Would you buy it?

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