Is The YieldMax Gold Miners Option Income Strategy ETF $GDXY Coming Soon?

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Finally, another YieldMax find from the SEC dumpster!

Panda: The Bitcoin spot ETFs are approved!

Panda: Then there will probably be options traded on this ETF. Maybe YieldMax or Defiance will come out with Bitcoin option yield ETFs like GDXY! I need to get my loyal subscribers prepared!

Publish0x Troll:  Buuuut Panda Why are you posting so much TradFi portfolio stuff?!?

Panda: Come on Troll, the people need some distraction away from the Bitcoin ETFs. It’s time to live it up!

Troll’s Granny: That’s right! I’m bringing my friends for a late night rendezvous Panda!

Publish0x Troll & Panda:  Aaagh!

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