Hive Power Up Day - Powered up 100 Hive today

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The first day of every month is called the Hive power-up day. There is no official event but users take pride in powerup some Hive on this day and remember it. I have been taking part in this for the past year. Even before that I was doing the power up but not exactly on the 1st of the month.

I'm glad that we have a day celebrated every month for powering up and share our progress in an article. Last month was not a progressive month for me in terms of my Hive Power growth compared to previous months. But I still consider it as a good growth overall because the value of my account has increased so much. The main reason is because of the recent pump in the market. Last month I reached a milestone of 20,000 Hive power. Today I powered up 100 Hive to participate in this event. My account worth is looking very good and I see a good future for Hive.

The number of articles I write has reduced in the past few months. I did mention the same in my previous month's update as well. I have been trying hard to be consistent in writing at least one article per day but there are a few days I miss it.

I have started diversifying my earnings. I recently moved a big amount to Hive Engine in the last month and purchased a few Hive Engine tokens. Hive Engine is also slowly getting decentralized opening new opportunities for developers, traders, and gamers. I believe there will be a lot more opportunity in the future by looking at the rate by which developments are happening.

Looking at the above graph, I can see that my earnings on Hive have almost doubled compared to last month. The main reason is because of the pump in the price of Hive. The market is looking good, and there are many active traders on Hive. The account has also seen considerable growth in the last 30 days. If this continues, I might be able to see a minimum of 100 $ per month from just curation alone. This is just a projection of growth only from Hive, if I calculate Hive Engine tokens, then I think this ecosystem can be a great source of income and my dream towards financial independence would come true soon.

I always check if my rank has improved after doing a power-up or every month when I write this post. Today again when I checked it, I noticed that my rank was 690 among all the Stakeholders on Hive. I'm glad to see this rank getting higher gradually every month. Last month my rank was 702. Though I did not make a big power-up this month, I still see a decent improvement in my rank.




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