God's Unchained switches to Immutable Passport for Authentication

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Immutable is not easy to resist these days. No matter whether you like it or not, games are forcing the game players to use the passport system. Not that it is bad or something. It's just that data gets centralized a lot with such system. But for gamers that is understandable. As they tend to play such games and try to bring all the login authentication system under single umbrella. 

Immutable is a good system and they seem to have marketplace, tokens and also the chain of their own. So it's not like some fly by night type of the companies or the person. It's a good solid foundation company where they are bringing new games to use their passport system. And for gamers it just works.

Web3 wallet Immutable has access to gmail, discord, microsoft and other authentication system. So you can easily make use of the login system to connect with the games through single mode of passport. Which is kind of easy to use and also those who prefer it instead of manually remembering single passwords for all system this can be pain. So using immutable passport makes sense. 

If you choose not to use the immutable then you would have to delete the account as per FAQ. So it's kind of forced on you. And it's not that bad if you ask me. You can easily migrate to the immutable passport and you are all set and not much to do and work with as well. So interesting things to explore for yourself. 

If you are a gamer it's worth having an account attached to immutable. Most of the new games in near future would be going to immutable passport or similar authentication system as it is. So do check it out for those who have Gods Unchained account. You have to migrate before the month end!

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