BlockDown 3D virtual conference returns in June following smash-hit debut

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The BlockDown 3D virtual conference made an extremely successful debut in April, drawing in thousands of participants from across the globe who were interested in interacting with the prominent blockchain companies and speakers that attended the event.

As global Coronavirus-related lockdowns persist, demand for access to quality presentations and thought discussions from blockchain industry leaders has reached unprecedented levels.

Consequently, BlockDown is now announcing that they will be hosting another virtual event this June, bringing another host of “A-list” industry experts, while also offering the first 1,000 registrants free tickets.

BlockDown returns this summer following a successful debut

The organizers of the BlockDown conference are now announcing that they will be hosting another virtual reality-based crypto conference this June, with demand for the event growing at a rapid pace following is a successful debut.

The event is scheduled to take place between June 18th and 19th and will offer participants with access to all the perks of a traditional conference, but within a virtual setting.

Participants are able to use their custom avatars to navigate throughout the virtual conference setting. They can attend speaker panels, view keynote speeches, interact with company booths, and even socialize with other participants.

The previous event boasted over 1,000 attendees, 50+ speakers, and instantly became the most-attended virtual crypto conference ever.

Best of all for prospective attendees, the summer version of this event will be completely free of charge for the first thousand registrants. Those looking for an enhanced experience that offers access to enhanced networking opportunities can purchase a business or VIP ticket.

BlockDown 2.0 expected to draw top speakers

The BlockDown event in April attracted some notable names, including Grammy-award, winning artist Akon, SHAPESHIFT founder Erik Voorhees, Roger Ver, and others.

BlockDown founder Erhan Korhaliller explained that the summer version of this event is anticipated to also draw top speakers – although no specific names have been mentioned at this time.

“We’re expecting another stellar line-up of speakers, and we will be implementing unique content items such as our ‘mastermind’ sessions which will pitch the world’s finest minds in a particular subject together to solve the biggest challenges in the blockchain industry.”

One new addition to the event that participants might find luring will be the new “mastermind sessions.”

At these sessions, the brightest minds will offer solutions to specific problems plaguing the blockchain industry to a global audience.

The mastermind sessions make a wonderful addition to an already exciting event that is sure to be met with significant success.

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