Ankr - An Essential Quality Project To HODL Into 2021

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A Star Performer In A Current Buy Zone!

In recent weeks Ankr surged from approximately 26 sats to 158 sats and is currently trading in the region of 60 sats. Ankr has a really great service that they are bringing to the market, which is much needed and will be imperative in 2021. We will be looking at what that is and why I am so keen on holding ANKR into 2021 and perhaps beyond.

What Exactly Is Ankr All About?

Ankr intend to be the gateway into the internet of the future, based on distributed networks. To make Web3.0 easy to use and accessible to all by removing barriers and creating one click solutions. Furthermore, making it simple and easy for building and participation in blockchains and protocols.

In simple terms, Ankr primarily focus on launching staking nodes for customers. Many people do not have the technical experience and knowledge of how to install and set up a node. This is where Ankr step in and provide one click actions for staking solutions.

In the fourth quarter of 2020 Ankr will be launching Stkr, which is a decentralized protocol that combines staking and DeFi! Elements of traditional staking are implemented with non-custodial staking and Micropools, as well as decentralized governance. 

This protocol removes barriers of entry and simplifies participation in staking without having to depend on a central authority. This is truly dynamic and staking pools will also be available for ETH 2.0 staking when it launches. This is absolutely vital to have in the marketplace, especially since most people do not have 32 ETH to run their own node and you can only stake ETH 2.0 in multiples of 32. So, either you stake 32 ETH or 64 ETH and so on. 

Being able to stake a small amount of ETH in a smart contract environment where there is no entity taking custody of your ETH will be highly attractive to a lot of people.

Ankr Is A Working Product

All the future plans and advancements for Ankr are not the only aspects attracting investors. Currently, you can acquire staking nodes for many projects via Ankr's one click solution set up.

The future developments of Stkr and ETH 2.0 pooling in the not so distant future are very bullish for Ankr. Investors may have decided to take profits and return to fresh positions just prior to the release of Stkr. Keep an eye on Ankr, I believe it will be a stellar performer in 2021!

Please remember that this is not investment advice, do your own research and enjoy the journey!

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