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It seems like every website you sign on to these days requires a complicated password. But what if it didn’t have to be so hard, and what if your solution came at basically no cost? That’s exactly what you’ll get with a lifetime subscription to Sticky Password Premium, an award-winning password management and form filler solution.

Sticky Password Premium is available for a limited time for just $29.99, but when you grab this deal you’ll also get a $30 store credit to use the next time you shop. So your cost is pretty much a wash.

What you’ll get in return is a fantastic product that will make your online life a lot simpler. It is available for Mac, Windows, IOS and Android, and it will protect your online identity for providing encrypted passwords for all of your accounts. You just have to remember a single master password known only by you.

You never have to remember any of your complicated passwords again. Did this one need a capital letter and a number, or just a special character? Put those thoughts away. Sticky Password Premium will create strong, unique passwords wherever and whenever you need them on every device you own.

Sticky Password will automatically and securely save and fill in all of your passwords across the web. You will automatically log in to recognized sites without struggling with the sign-in page. And you’ll be ale to fill out online forms instantly with information saved by Sticky Password.

Millions of people have been protected with the trusted technology found in Sticky Password. And it will work with Mac OS 10.10 or later,;Windows 10, 8, 7 or Vista; IOS 9.0 or later; or Android 4.0 or later.

PCMag has called it an Editors’ Choice, noting that Sticky Password Premium “does everything you’d expect from a password manager and more. New biometric authentication and no-cloud WiFi sync make it an even better choice.”

Normally priced at $149, a lifetime subscription to Sticky Password Premium normally runs $149, but you can get it now for just $29.99, a savings of 80 percent. Plus there’s that $30 store credit.
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