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The Community Speaks segment is written by select members of cryptocurrency coin or token project communities who want to update the Altcoin Buzz Army about news surrounding the project they represent. The goal of the Community Speaks Segment is to bring these community members in to introduce the Altcoin Buzz Army to their opinions surrounding their respective projects and keep them updated on its progress.

XinFin (XDCE) open source hybrid blockchain platform

Community Update: October 25th 2018

It’s been a busy few weeks at XinFin.  Below are just a few of the highlights.

XinFin exceeds 2000TPS.

XinFin successfully deployed a testnet that shows 2,000 TPS at a stable stage with a capacity of 2,500 TPS.  This is significantly faster than Ripple’s claimed 1,500 TPS published on their website.

How did they achieve this?

The consensus mechanism that XinFin have implemented for their ecosystem is Byzantine Fault Tolerant (IBFT). This ensures instant finality, a manageable validator set, higher throughput and a high Transaction Per Second (TPS) rate.

IBFT as a consensus mechanism provides the benefits of immediate block finality, reduced time between blocks, high data integrity and fault tolerance and operational flexibility. This process is efficient and secure because this consortium/permissioned state of the blockchain is private and all the nodes are trusted.

Since validator pools are trusted, implementing IBFT is one of the best possible solutions to scale the network.  XinFin have been successful in replicating this 2,000TPS on this network.

XinFin Developer Community launches is an automated smart-contract platform. will enable businesses of all sizes to deploy their own smart-contracts and tokens without the need of solidity developers to write and audit your smart-contracts, nor the web-app developers to host the crowd sale.

There are already working use cases in Supply Chain and Decentralized Credit applications. enables anyone to create tokens from within all of the ERC standards and deploy it on Ethereum public chain. This includes ERC-20, ERC-223, ERC-721 and ERC-888.

The platform will allow you to launch a Crowdsale by Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and interact with your tokens directly. You can view all of the details of your ICO on a dashboard and can get your users (token buyers) directly on this platform. The user can buy your token using ETH/BTC by sending them to contract’s address.

If you want to learn more about how to test the platform for yourself head over to

XinFin Community Newsletter:

XinFin have launched a fortnightly community newsletter. The newsletter provides regular update of announcements, media, events attended, exchange listings, etc, in addition to background information on XinFin, the partners and technology.

To join the XinFin Community Newsletter you can subscribe here

About XinFin (XDCE):

XinFin is an open source hybrid blockchain platform for global trade and finance. Combining the best attributes of both private and public blockchain XinFin offers a scalable, secure enterprise-grade blockchain that is well suited for highly regulated industries and commercially sensitive data.




XinFin Publication:

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