Tower Defish Mobile Play2Earn: Here's What's New With The Update #27

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Hello HODLers!

Today we'll talk about a new Play2Earn game for mobile phone that I downloaded some weeks ago.

Tower Defish is the first game for smartphone launched by Defish Games team and it's part of World of Defish Ecosystem.

Tower Defish is a tower defences game built on Unity, located in the World of Defish. From the first minutes, you will immerse in a fantasy world, where the fish is your main target. Fight off the waves of fish that are trying to breach the river defences and build a line of defense to make the river safe from intruders. Explore the global map and help defend hundreds of different locations with 3 difficulty levels using 10 different tower types with the help of the unique hero characters. Catch the fish, collect valuable resources and create countless possibilities of upgrading your defence lines.

Tower Defish Play2Earn mobile game will be soon linked to World of Defish, so you will have some benefits if you play both Tower Defish on smartphone and World of Defish on your computer. 

Tower Defish game is at the very early stage so the mobile game will be updated during these times to prepare it to a wider audience and we'll soon discover how Tower Defish will be connected with World of Defish.

You can download Tower Defish for IOS and Android (Google Play Store) here:


Apart from usual minor improvements and fixes, today's update for Tower Defish brings a reimagined gameplay balance for tower progression.

The starring feature of this update is a new Tower upgrade system.

Previously, you could choose only 2 out of 3 upgrade branches. With this update, the branches system will work differently.

Instead of having 2 out of 3 upgrade branches you now have 1 main and 2 secondary ones. If you can upgrade the main branch to LVL 4, then you have 4 levels to invest in 2 other ones.

For example, let's say you have a LVL 4 tower. You can upgrade the damage branch to LVL 4 and then have 4 levels to spread between the other 2 branches, enabling you to upgrade your tower's range and attack speed evenly (both to LVL 2) or put extra focus on one of these branches, having, for instance, LVL 3 Range and LVL 1 Attack Speed.

This balance recalibration allows for a more flexible build without limiting you to only 2 branches.

The update also addresses graphic and interface issues, providing minor fixes and changes like these:

- Fixed global map level UI cards being not centered for some map chunks.

- Fixed time scale change button showing incorrect time scale in some cases.

- Updated unavailable towers preview.

- Unavailable towers are now hidden in inventory.

- Towers build panel is now shown at level start by default.

Thanks to all the players for the detailed feedback and the propositions that you make to improve the game!

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Keep Calm & HODL.


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