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Slothbuzz? I present you the community on the Hive Blockchain that aims to help small creators grow. I am slow and unpopular... so I found a new home! I joined the Sloth Discord and was nice to get an achievement from start... being the 100 sloth in the house! 

The SLOTH token is used for the content curation and you can comment on Hive article with !SLOTH to share token fractions to sloth brothers and sisters. There are only 6.9 tokens minted daily, with a a total supply of 420,000,000 tokens. Why? Why not!

I want more people to hold $SLOTH, and I want more content creators to publish on Slothbuzz! I started with small poker tourbaments to help the sloths community to grow and now we have an ongoing season. There will be a SlothPoker tournament twice a month, in the first and the third week ... at 6  PM UTC. 

Each poker season will be based on 3 months, with the current round ending at the end of March. Each player will be eligible for points based on their rank in each event, and we have lots of prizes at the end of those six games.

All players who participate, and complete at least a full hand, will receive 1 point. Let's not buzz around the bush! Register today and prepare for the third tournament

The prize system aims to increase both participation and creativity, with a bouquet of Hive tokens added for each event and each new player. One SLOTH token, 10 PIMP, 100 Ecency points and 1000 MEME are added in the prize pool for each event, and a 10th of those tokens are added for each player per event. 

The prizes accumulated at the next event are 4.2 SLOTH, 42 PIMP, 300 Ecency points, 3000 MEME, 60 LOLZ and 1200 THGaming tokens. Join us and show us your poker face.  The winner gets 10 points, the runner-up gets 8 points, third place only 6 points, dropping to 3 points for the fourth place and even less for the fifth and sixth.

 It's a good chance to earn crypto and have fun with other creators, as the current leaderboard has only nine players. I won both tournaments so far and accumulated 22 points. MightyStefan is on the second place with 10 points and caspermoeller89 is third with7 points. I must point out that winning a tournament takes you straight to the second place.... for now! Join SlothPoker #3 this Friday!

Make sure to hop into the SlothBuzz community  to keep tabs on the latest events and ensure your name is in for the prizes! And join the SlothBuzz community on Hive. We look forward to adding your name to the list next time around! Read the tournament official article on Slothbuzz

Play2Earn: Doctor Who

Cashback Cards: Plutus Card

Fountains: PipeFlareGlobalHive ZCash

Creators bundle: Publish0x

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