Susa - Derivative Exchange from Sushi x Layer N

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Sushi swap has been busy lately building new stuff and projects. And these projects are building the infrastructure for the investors and the consumers on the DeFi side. Recently they decided to build a new project with the Layer N. And they came up with the project named Susa. This new derivative exchange is basically building itself on the centralized exchange with the features like perpetual trading and finance.

Layer N is a project that is basically layer 2 chain with the roll up nodes that are build for the stability, scaling, liquidity sharing and the use case like DeFi in their mind. Consumer apps can be built on the rollup nodes or the N-EVM instance. Same has been done for the Susa in this context. And this node is going to make the project working for the statenet built on the Ethereum. 

Let's talk about Susa. Like I already stated the project being built on the Layer N with the statenet. Now the base premise is the derivative exchange use case. And there would be permissionless system. And it is going to be more capital efficient too. All the chain operations are going to be fully on chain and going to make a lot of sense for the DeFi market. 

Susa has developed the newsletter on which you can check out . This newsletter explains their progress and also variety of the changes that are coming along the way. It's a good project which if handled well can be a good addition for those who are into the crypto finance and the DeFi market. 

You can check out Susa Exchange

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