Super Sneak ruleset in Splinterlands - it will change most matches you play

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So another week, another battle in the Splinterverse. There are no new releases, just the ongoing pre-sale for Rebellion packs. I think about 60% of the available packs have been sold up to the point of writing. If you look on the secondary market, however prices have come down a bit, again. While $DEC price seems stable to me on an upper range, Rebellion packs are already sold below the equivalent of $3 at the time of writing. Don't know, does not seem too positive to me.

Ruleset of this week is called "Super Sneak" and while its icon gives us more of an idea than its title, the rules are straight forward: "All melee units gain the Sneak ability." No side notes, fineprint or whatsoever!

In other words we have another ruleset that gives our units an additional ability. It is "Sneak" ability this time.

Find my battle with "Super Sneak" here:

So my opponent went with a straight-forward magic setup. I however did things a bit different, this time.

First thing of note is that not only "Super Sneak" ruleset was active for this battle, but "Aimless", as well. Aimless gives all units the "Scattershot" ability, thus targeting random aims.

Second thing is my overall idea was to make my Quora shine, once more. My unit in first row was cheap with regard to its health and had the "Martyr" ability. So the idea was to tank some hits and afterwards pushing Quora even more.

Round 1 did not look too good for me. In terms of units I lost two of them, but not the Venari Marksrat. Even Quora did not look that good, anymore. However in terms of strategy I was successful as Quora did her job and made two attacks.

In Round 2 and 3 afterwards however my lineup was stable. (You still see that mighty Venari Marksrat-tank in front row, eh?) Quora was deadlier than ever and thanks to "Super Sneak" my opponent's line started to dissolve in the rear.

So in the end it was only Quora who might win...

And she did finally...

So what is my resume, this week? -I think "Super Sneak" is a ruleset that highly affects nearly any match it is applied to. Just look at my lineup which I would not have chosen at all if my melee units would not get the chance to attack my opponent's rear.

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