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I hope all of you are enjoying the life with your loved ones and also enjoying playing this game on a daily basis. Well, there a good new for the SPLINTERLANDS community as the price of both DEC and SPS are rising already and hope they a catch the uptrend real soon. Meanwhile, the ranked season that we are currently playing into has only 11 days and 17 hours remaining so I hope all of you see putting your best effort and progressing towards your goal. For me, I just crossed the Champion I tier and currently playing with a rating count of 4,360 and right now focusing to increase my trophies to reach the top 10 place in lb by the time season ends. I have to go a long place from here as the top player on lb has already has reach near 5200 trophy mark. Now taking a glance at my ranked season progress, I have been able to collect a total of 43 reward chests so far in this ongoing season and having another 11 + days I think I can reach 85-90 chests at least before the season end. Looking at my daily update, today I got the WATER element as my daily focus mission and till now I have collected 7 reward chests and thinking to play a bit more and reach 10 chests today, so will try again after posting.

Now, let me come to the main topic of this post as today, I will be showcasing another amazing Rebellion card with you all and as you have already found it in the thumbnail Above, today I will be talking about Lurking Puffer, so without further ado, let us jump right in.

Lurking Puffer

Lurking Puffer is one of the very few attack less tank cards in rebellion edition that gained immense popularity after its launch, mainly because of its low mana cost that provides high stats and ability combo. This monster belongs to the Earth element and it only costs 2 mana to be used in battles. So you can easily fit this monster in your lineup when playing small to large mana limit matches. Through it does not possess any attack power but it has high health bar for a mere 2 mana cost and also Silence ability that weakens all enemy magic attacks. Thus monster is also heavily used to make combos with weapon training ability. Ok now let us take a further look into it’s stats and abilities league wise at below.

At Level 3, this card possesses 6 health at 2 speed and also gets its first ability - Corrosive Ward that it gets since its initial level. With this newly launched ability - when hit with a melee attack, unit does 2 armour damage to the attacker and also the the max armour of the attacker is reduced by 2. So simply, this is a good choice against melee attackers with armour.

When it gets upgraded to level 5, this poisonous tank monster gets 5 health at 3 speed and also gets another ability - Silence. With this ability, it weakens and reduces every enemy magic monster’s attack by 1.

When you upgrade this monster to level 8, it does not get any new ability and only possesses the 2 I mentioned above. But its stats increased further with 3 speed and 8 health which will keep it alive for longer time in battles.


Finally when you upgrade this monster to its last level 10, it gets 3 speed with 9 health and also gets a new ability than the other 2 called Poison. With this new ability, now it has a 50% chance to apply poison on the targeted monster and if applied, it will make the enemy monster lose 2 health on start of every round.


Well, this time I found a large 54 mana limit match with 4 elements available in this battle - Fire, Earth, Death and Dragon and there were 3 rules applied in this particular match as follows.

  • Are You Entertained ? - you can use one Gladius monster in your lineup in this battle.
  • Silenced Summoners - Summoners will not give any buffs or debuffs in this match.
  • Five Alive - Only max 5 monsters can be used in this match.

After looking at the rules and mana limit for this match, I decided to choose the Dragon summoner Quix and chose the Earth element along with it. As for my lineup, I chose Smith at the front followed by Rage, Lurking Puffer, Goblin Psychic and Chaos Dragon at the end position of my line. As both the lineup s got revealed, I found out that my opponent has also chose the same summoner and element but for his lineup, he chose Smith at his front followed by Rage, Chaos Dragon, Suidae Shaman and Goblin Psychic at the end position.

In the match, I gave both my attack less tank cards the Smith and Puffer with 3 magic attack power thanks to the Rage monster and as I was 2 using 2 monsters with the Silence ability, it helped me a lot to reduce the enemy magic monsters attacks by -2. Though the opponent’s Shaman was a furious attacker, but overall my monsters were in unity was stronger than his lineup. The match ran for some rounds but as I keep attacking the enemy cards while my Tank Smith was being healed by Psychic constantly, it helped me finally to win the match easily and thus I also won a bunch of SPS and reward points thanks to the Lurking puffer and its team.

I hope you l loved watching the match that I shared above and also liked reading my post. Do you also like to play with this monster? Let me know in the comment section below and I will be seeing you all in my next post.

Wish you all good luck on all of your future Splinterlands matches.

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Stay well and keep playing Splinterlands

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