Splinterlands - Battle Mage Secrets: Super Sneak!

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Good morning ??

Another Battle Mage Secrets post! this week we are required to post about the Super Sneak ruleset, in which all melee monsters gets the Sneak ability, I made my first post last thursday, did you read it? Pretty cool to see speed beats a heavy melee team!

To find out how you can participate in the challenge yourself, you can read the SPLINTERLANDS post here.

I try not to play the same splinter too much so my opponent doesn't know what to expect, for the rest of my team selection it's depending on the ruleset but also on what my opponent likes to play, I used a magic team in the Super Sneak ruleset on my last post too and it can be very effective, this battle was a brawl so I couldn't see what my opponent likes to play or which cards he owned but in general with the Super Sneak ruleset, I always try to defend against magic too, not just a strong back line, in this case Immortalis was great for the job.

Today's battle I want to share with you is a BRAWL battle, it has a pretty high mana cap - 54 and three combined rulesets: Fire and Regret, Taking Sides and Super Sneak. Only the Life splinter was locked out. High mana, most splinters open, no telling what to expect, so the only thing I could do was play my best team while securing both my front and back, the front against magic, the back against sneak.

First look at the battlefield:

That's not a sneak team at all but mainly a magic team so I did good with picking Immortalis! Quora can be a pain though but considering most of my cards have high HP I don't think her bloodlust can gear up enough.

The enemy team line-up is nice for a normal battle but not at all for Super Sneak in my opinion, the two healers supporting Quora will get killed as soon as my team has taken care of the taunt, and my team is doing 15 melee sneak damage so that's a lot!

Also my card levels are higher which is a benefit on it's own and gives my Grund attack priority.

My Line-Up:

  • : Immortalis - reason: I wanted a good Gladiator for this ruleset so Earth was the choice (since I don't own Quora I picked Katrelba) and the void is against magic of course.
  • First position: Grund - reason: High damage, double strike, it's a beast.
  • Second position: Mycelic Slipspawn - reason: Taunt to keep Grund alive longer.
  • Third position: Thane Newsong - reason: +1 melee damage to everyone, very nice to get Katrelba geared up.
  • Fourth position: Katrelba Gobson - reason: Good melee damage, double strike, bloodlust.
  • Fifth position: Nectar Queen - reason: High melee damage, high HP.
  • Sixth position: Venari Knifer - reason: Fast, good damage, thorns.

The Battle:

 O damn ?? that was fast! more than half the enemy team got deleted before it could do damage worth mentioning! My damage output is crazy, 29 melee damage and 2 magic damage, you can't heal against that, Quora!

 This must be one of the fastest high mana brawl battles ever ?? the enemy team didn't even stand a chance!

You can watch the battle unfold for yourself here.

I see players depending on Quora a lot, and while she is pretty overpowered, you can't depend on the strength of 1 card, especially not when you spam it, experienced players will just counter it. This was NOT the case of course, no way for me to tell Quora was coming, if I did knew I probably would have brought Goblin Psychic to stop the healing, instead of playing Thane Newsong.

On ranked battles, she can be pretty annoying when you face her, I saw someone in the Splinterlands discord making a great comment:

When you have really thought well about the combined rulesets and made a good team, and then they shit you up with Quora


Well, this is it for this week! I hope you all are having a great weekend, good luck and have fun in your ranked battles!

With my main account I was primarily fighting in Wild, because Modern was simply too competitive so my earnings were better in Wild, and then yesterday when I tried Modern again, I shoot straight to Silver 1 with an 11 win-streak! ??

Nice to pick up some extra SPS and chests right before the end of the season!

Thank you for reading!!!

If you haven't made an account already, please consider using my referral link to sign up, I'll happily send the amount I get for your signup back to you in DEC or SPS to help you start.

Have a great day!

Sources: For my thumbnail I used a background from @golemoverlord, when you're not playing this game as a splinterlands player, you're missing out!

I made a post with more info about Golem Overlord here.

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