Splinterlands - Battle Mage Secrets: Fire and Regret!!!

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Hi everyone and welcome back to my weekly blog about this great and revolutionary game, which might not always feel revolutionary but yeah, since we're in a bear market, we just need to hold in I suppose, when you have trust in the future of the game it's a great time (the best in my 22 months playing splinterlands) to position yourself well for the next bull cycle so I'm still slowly buying and building my deck. I'm no whale though so I'm going to stay in Silver 1, that's somewhat affordable to stay in.

The weekly blog challenge rewards certainly help in expanding my deck!

This week the Battle Mage Secrets challenge is about the Fire and Regret ruleset in which every unit gets the Return Fire ability at the start of the battle, so basically don't play archers, unless you want them to kill themselves as you would like to do with the martyr archer monsters.

All units receive the Return Fire ability at the start of the battle. Enemy units that attack with ranged attacks receive damage back.

Damage returned is equal to damage of the attacker divided by 2, rounded up.

Ranged attack units with the Reflection Shield ability do not take damage from reflected magic attacks.

The Amplify ability increases damage.

I wanted to share two battles this time...

The first battle is a 48 mana Earthquake / Fire and Regret battle on my alt account, facing a player with a much stronger deck, my alt has level 2 summoners, and my opponent has a level 4 Obsidian.

So in this battle, I'm making good advantage of the rulesets, both the Earthquake as the Fire and Regret ruleset gives damage to my martyr cards, so they'll die really fast, what was exactly my plan to boost Quora's damage.

My Line-Up:

  • : Lobb Lowland - reason: to give access to gladiator cards so I can play Quora, I never spam her because I can get countered if I do, but this ruleset was perfect.
  • First position: Unicorn Mustang - reason: void, protection against magic, when archers are pretty much out of the picture, magic is very likely to be played, also it has good speed and melee damage.
  • Second position: Pelacor Mercenary - reason: Flying, so it won't take damage from earthquake making it a good secondary tank.
  • Third position: Regal Peryton - reason: because I love this card! lol, great speed, flying so it won't take earthquake damage.
  • Fourth position: Venari Marksrat - reason: martyr to boost Quora
  • Fifth position: Quora - reason: because she's overpowered! two attack types, self heal so she will heal the earthquake damage, boosted by two martyrs is gonna kickstart the bloodlust ability, once she get's going she's unstoppable unless her bloodlust get's dispelled.
  • Sixth position: Fungus Flinger - reason: martyr to boost Quora

The Battle

At the start of round 2 my Unicorn Mustang already died because I didn't bring a heal, I chose to bring in a second tank because Goblin Psychic doesn't fly and will die in the third round from earthquake damage. The enemy goblin tower wasn't a great choice - because of his blast damage he get's two return fires every turn lol...

So it's 4 against 6 now, but not for long...

At the start of round 3 (well after the earthquake damage is dealt) it's two against five, but Quora is gearing up and self healing from the earthquake damage, healing one-third of her total HP every turn.

After earthquake damage in round 4, Quora gets another kill, making her very fast so the Mycellic Infantry has a really hard time hitting her. One against three now, but it almost feels like cheating lol, Quora is broken ??

Round 5, Mycellic Infantry is the next to fall for Quora's rage

Well, I think you can guess the outcome of next round, Quora finished with a scary damage output.

You can watch the battle unfold for yourself here.

On to the next battle

My second battle to share is a 23 mana Fire and Regret / Lost Legendaries battle on my alt account, with only water and dragon open to chose from. Main modern water tank is Diemon Shark, main modern dragon tank is Djinn Chwalla, both weak to magic, and Chwalla the better choice in this fight in my opinion.

My opponent agreed, Chwalla was the better option as a tank, Djinn Oshannus would also have been a logical choice if the Lost Legendaries ruleset didn't lock him out.

My Line-Up:

  • : Kretch Tallevor - reason: I chose Kretch to save 1 mana and give access to the Dragon splinter.
  • First position: Djinn Chwalla - reason: Thorns, good armor and melee damage.
  • Second position: Venari Marksrat - reason: martyr, he's going to kill himself boosting Chwalla and Magi.
  • Third position: Magi of Chaos - reason: good magic damage to go trough the armor of Chwalla (or Diemon Shark)
  • Fourth position: Ice Pixie - reason: pretty evasive, magic damage.
  • Fifth position: Hardy Stonefish - reason: sneak protection.

So although my opponent had a stronger deck with higher level monsters, I did a better job anticipating what was the most probable tank, of course it's only a guess, and when you guess wrong, you can lose but not this time, I was perfectly right ??.

Well my Ice Pixie dropped the ball in evading attacks, it was killed on the first hit lol, three against four now.

On these low mana battles with not a lot of difference it's a close call sometimes. My martyr card died and gave Chwalla 1 armor back and boosting it's melee damage.

In the last round, it was one against one, so very close, but a win is a win!

Well, that's it for this week, I'll hope to see you next week on the next Social Media Challenge and Battle Mage Secrets post.

Thank you for reading!!!

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Have a great day!

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