Sorry, I did a 180 on Solana Saga Chapter Two - Here's why

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Literally minutes ago, I wrote that I was on the fence regarding the Solana Saga Chapter Two and I was probably not gonna buy it, and literally two minutes after setting the live, I did a 180. I went ahead and bought the phone.

I apologise. I didn't mean to do one of those clickbaity things YouTube influencers do.

I still believe the new Saga will be a disappointing phone and even more disappointing airdrop source.

However, here's my thinking.

First, I genuinely believe $450 for a smartphone, any decent smartphone, is a good deal. These days phones are expensive. A half decent Android for one of the big brands, including the Chinese brands that used to be cheap, is at least $600.

Second, even though I'm 99.9 percent sure the Chapter Two will NOT, unlike the original Saga, repay itself with airdrops, I'm still curious to find out what's included.

Third, BTC is up and I've been buying it for a very long time. So I'm well in the green and I thought, why not. Let's live a little. I sold $450 worth of BTC now that the price is rising (which I'll buy back, in due time), to buy the phone. And that means that this phone actually cost me $200, maybe $100. Maybe nothing.

And what about you? Did you get it? Will you get it? Let me know in the comments.

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