Solana Saga Phone Sales Surge on eBay Amid BONK Hype and Anticipated Airdrops

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The market for Solana Saga smartphones is witnessing an unprecedented surge, with recent sales on eBay reaching as high as $5,000, far exceeding the initial retail price.

This spike in demand and value is primarily driven by the increased hype around BONK, a Solana-based meme coin, and expectations of lucrative future airdrops.

High Demand for Saga Phones Causes Prices to Soar on eBay

A recent surge in demand for Solana Saga phones has led to their sale on eBay for prices as high as $5,000, significantly above the original retail price of $599.

According to a December 16 listing, two new, boxed phones were sold for $5,000, or the best offer, with another going for $3,316. Around 20 units were sold over the weekend at prices exceeding $2,000, marking a substantial increase from the initial cost.

Initially, the Solana Saga phone experienced poor sales. However, the scenario flipped as traders recognized an opportunity for arbitrage

Since its launch, each phone has come bundled with an airdrop of 30 million BONK tokens. The recent in BONK’s value, which skyrocketed by nearly 800% in the past month, has made these tokens more valuable than the phone’s cost, triggering a buying frenzy. This demand has led to the phone being sold out on its official website for the first time.

Solana Saga Phone Gains Momentum with Exclusive Airdrops

The Saga phone also comes with other benefits and rewards. It offers a free month of access to Helium Mobile, a complimentary toy, and special rewards from apps on Saga’s dApp Store. The anticipation of additional airdrops and financial incentives from various Solana-based projects further enhances this appeal.

Kyle Samani, Managing Partner at Multicoin, stated through a post on X about several more future airdrops for Saga phone users, adding to the already high anticipation and excitement in the market.

In response to the post on X, the pseudonymous founder of DeFi protocol Solend confirmed plans for an airdrop exclusively for Saga phone holders.

The memecoin project Samoyed Coin (SAMO) announced an upcoming airdrop for Saga holders, with further details to be revealed soon.

GenesysGo, a decentralized storage provider, has also announced that users can mine its Shadow (SHDW) token via an application on the Saga phone.

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