Polygon and Aragon Unveil Governance Hub

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The Polygon Governance Hub empowers users and builders to influence Polygon’s core development.

Empowering Community-Driven Development

This initiative marks a significant shift towards a more inclusive and decentralized approach to governance. Community feedback and participation are now central to the decision-making process. The development of the Governance Hub is being carried out in phases, ensuring that community feedback is incorporated at every step.

This phased approach ensures that the platform is not only decentralized but also truly representative of community values and needs. Polygon aims for a robust, transparent governance system aligned with user interests through continuous feedback integration.


At its core, the Polygon Governance Hub features a unified interface. This interface supports two key Polygon governance pillars: protocol and smart contract governance.

In terms of smart contract governance, the hub introduces an upgraded governance framework. This new system is designed to be more efficient and responsive, allowing for more agile management of smart contracts. By upgrading the governance framework, Polygon ensures its smart contract ecosystem stays robust, secure, and adaptable.

More About Polygon

Spiko launched two tokenized mutual funds backed by the US treasury and European government bonds, aiming for accessible secure investments. With an initial commitment of $50 million, these funds provide investors with easy access to traditionally stable assets through blockchain technology.


Available on both Ethereum and Polygon PoS networks, Spiko leverages the efficiency and scalability of these platforms to offer transparent and efficient management of investments. This initiative not only broadens access to secure financial instruments but also exemplifies the growing integration of blockchain in traditional finance, making investment opportunities more accessible and inclusive.

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