Microsoft’s Move: Sam Altman Takes The Helm At OpenAI, Boosts World Coin $WLD With New AI Team

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In an unexpected twist, World Coin ($WLD) experienced a notable upswing, hitting fresh highs, after Microsoft officially brought on board Sam Altman, former CEO of OpenAI, to lead a groundbreaking advanced AI research team. The announcement came directly from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, highlighting Altman’s collaboration with Greg Brockman, President of OpenAI, in steering this cutting-edge AI initiative.

This is coming barely 48 hours after the board of directors at OpenAi decided to part ways with Altman, which resulted in the massive price dip of the cryptocurrency $WLD. 

This strategic shift by Microsoft follows Altman’s unanticipated departure from OpenAI’s board, a move that sparked the protest-driven exit of co-founder Greg Brockman and others.

$WLD Price Action

Within the cryptocurrency community, particularly the Worldcoin (WLD) token tied to Altman’s ventures, a significant drop was witnessed following his departure from OpenAI. However, with the revelation from Microsoft, $WLD experienced a noticeable surge, jumping from $2.2 to $2.6 and breaking through a four-month high.

Despite this initial boost, $WLD’s value began a descent shortly after. Insights from Lookonchain highlighted a significant player, often called a “whale,” depositing 1.1 million $WLD ($2.66 million) into BINANCE and currently holding 2.9 million $WLD ($7 million). 

Intriguingly, the last instance of this whale depositing $WLD on November 16 coincided with a 25% drop in the token’s price, falling from $2.4 to $1.8. Consequently, $WLD’s current price sits at $2.3, signaling an effort to regain positive momentum.

The intricate dynamics of the crypto market, especially concerning influential players like this whale, underscore the nuanced factors at play. While Microsoft’s strategic hires infused optimism into $WLD, challenges persist, with the actions of key players shaping the token’s value. 

The unfolding days will likely unveil how these elements converge, determining the trajectory of $WLD amidst the ever-evolving landscape of AI research and cryptocurrency markets.

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