Lost Legendaries ruleset in Splinterlands - less deus ex machina

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So dear readers it seems the end is near! The world of SPLINTERLANDS is full of doom and gloom! :(

If you cannot play manually and want to go with the Wild format Splinterlands has become pay2play. You need to buy a season pass and you need even more $SPS staked to earn at all.

Probably in reaction to this card prices went down even more. I personally was able already to sell the bigger part of my assets, but still got enough to come. :( $DEC and $SPS all seem to have been hit, man even $HIVE seems to have gained some additional selling pressure.

The ruleset of this week does not allow "Legendary" units to participate in the next match.

Exactly it reads like this: "Legendary units may not be used.

Legendary summoners are still available."

This is battle of mine with the "Lost Legendaries" ruleset:


So again I tried the magic attack setup! My opponent had the idea of not dealing with my front row and instead target my weak spots.

Round 1 did not look too bad for me. No loss on my side and already some hits on my opponent's next unit.

However this should soon change and it seems just like my main tank would be the last unit on my side of the battle board.

That was not how it ended, but still I lost!

So any conclusion from my side to this ruleset? -Perhaps this two cents: 1) It is more glamorous with Legendaries on the field! and 2) Combining tactics for your units becomes even more important! Because the big Legendaries are not there to compensate for a player's (my) poor technique. ;)

You are still not into the Splinterverse, but you consider joining? -Consider using my sign-up link, too: https://splinterlands.com?ref=jdike

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