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What if one day you find one of your crypto earning opportunity dies? The answer will be very simple for many of you and that will be about trying more new opportunity to earn crypto. But at the beginning we take time to adjust with the new opportunity and it takes time to help us making money that we made from the old one. Old one will be remembered specially when the new one will be hard one and we need to struggle to earn our desired amount of crypto coins from it.

Opportunities are many but which one is more preferred and which one will worth our time, we can't decide it at first. If you are good at art then you may join NFT market places to earn money and it will be easy for you because your hand is good at art but what about the person who doesn’t art but good at something else like writing or creating contents? Crypto will definitely arrange some other earning opportunity to all, if we have patience of learning things like blogging or writing content.

A person can try blogging sites to earn crypto coins but at the beginning the earning would be toughest because everything takes time to build and when you are almost ready to build and earn good suddenly a storm come and ruin whatever you build, are you familiar with this feeling? If you ask me the question then my answer is Yes, I had such bad experience too. Lost access to the account for experiencing enemy attack like a storm.

My most of the crypto loss was happened like an accident, either its hacked or I was trapped by scammers. But still I'm unstoppable and trying my best to bring some positive changes in my personal finance. It was not easy for me after several losses but I was strong and I had some savings that helped me taking time to think and keep trying opportunities. Maybe I'm not yet successful but my story can be motivational for many new comers in crypto world. Here losing is very common and gaining is also possible when you try with patience and never give up.

Today if an earning source of crypto no longer paying then nothing to be upset because when a door closes there ten more doors of opportunity opens and each opportunity has potential but nothing going to be possible over a night and we have to invest time and efforts at the beginning. Crypto mostly doesn’t ask for big efforts but investment. If you are unable to invest money to buy crypto then invest your time to make it but never get tired of it and keep trying untill you get your goals.

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