Exploring Torum: Web3 Social Network for Crypto Enthusiasts

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Hello HODLers!

Every person has a tale waiting to be told. If you are searching for a social media platform that truly empowers you to unleash your creativity, look no further — TORUM is the perfect place for you!

In moments when inspiration seems as elusive as a well-timed market surge, Torum offers a beacon. Let’s explore a range of exciting content creation ideas to get you started!

Types of content you can craft on Torum

1. Knowledge Posts

On Torum, your insights on the pulsating world of crypto, NFTs, and blockchain technology don’t just echo — they reverberate. Share your expertise, explore emerging trends, and become a beacon for fellow enthusiasts.

@sephichan125 shared the SEC’s lawsuit towards crypto projects.

Yet, the horizons of Torum extend far beyond these realms. Torum is cherished for the rich and diverse backgrounds that our members hail from, each contributing a unique perspective to our collective knowledge. Feel free to explore and bring your diverse, out-of-the-box expertise to the community.

@soulwhitenoise shared relaxing sounds that bring you tranquility.

2. News and Update

The cryptocurrency realm thrives on rapid change and continuous evolution. Within the Torum ecosystem, you are at the forefront of the latest breakthroughs and media buzz sweeping through the Web3 sphere. We invite you to bring the pulse of the day’s news to Torum, equipping your fellow Landers with the freshest insights and keeping the community at the cutting edge of information.

Sharing news is not just about distributing information, it is about sparking conversations, igniting interests, and fostering a sense of community knowledge-sharing.

@cryptofiyah shared and summarized the news of the day.@nanamartin1 shared and summarized the news of the day.

3. Opinions and Thoughts

Torum is the perfect platform where you can freely express yourself. Share your unique perspectives, reviews, and personal experiences without any limits, as long as you remain respectful.

You may share your technical analysis, market trends, and insights here, or even make a post for questions or conduct polls to gather opinions from the community. Share your thoughts freely — everyone here is eager and willing to expand their knowledge by learning from one another.

 shared the discussion on the topic of KYC.@pepasoukup shared the discussion on the topic of Bitcoin price prediction.

4. Community Events

Not just Team Torum, but YOU can also organize events! Host contests or thrilling giveaways to engage with community members. There are a lot of engaging and interesting giveaways and community events happening on Torum every week.

Here, the team has curated a community event calendar for you to easily access, you may check the ongoing events each day from the calendar below.

Compilation of Community Event by Landers

Here is the list of community events categorized based on lifestyle, guessing and food:


1. #MemeMonday by @journeyman23

2. #RandomThingsTuesday by @journeyman23

3. #MusicFriday by @lakelife

4. #ThrowBackSunday by @dwayneyong

5. #TorumWildLife by @journeyman23

6. #HumpdayAndChill by @nekodiego

7. #Caturday by @nekodiego

1. #GameMonday by @flavonoise

2. #LoseToGain by @crypto_gam3r

3. #DwayneGuess by @dwayneyong

4. #RarebitGames by 

  1. #CoffeeTeaorMe by @julianleetl@snoopcatt

2. #FoodDrinkSunday by @dwayneyong@carozo

5. Entertainment and Lifestyles

Torum is more than just crypto — it’s a place to connect on a personal level! We warmly welcome you to share your lifestyle to connect with each other. Share your memes, funny videos, and life adventures.

@xavieroffical shared a funny meme.@tommy8 shared about his life adventures and achievements.

Every content creator enriches the Torum community with brilliant content, spanning from in-depth knowledge posts to relatable daily life experiences, insightful news insights to personal opinions.

Don’t be shy! Let your unique perspective inspire others. Together, we can make Torum not just a platform, but a shared space where everyone learns, engages, and grows.

Torum is not just a platform; it is a launchpad for your voice to soar across the realm of crypto. Are you ready to be heard?

My Favorite Crypto Dapps:

1. Torum – The #SocialFi ecosystem for crypto enthusiasts where you can earn everyday!

Torum is the world’s largest SocialFi ecosystem (Social Network + NFT + DeFi + Metaverse) that is specially designed to connect cryptocurrency users.

The Web3.0 ecosystem is built on a social media platform, integrated with a yield farming platform for DeFi investors (Torum Finance), an NFT marketplace for crypto artists and Avatar NFT for Metaverse enthusiasts.

You can earn XTM daily on Torum Social Network completing missions like "write a post", "like 5 posts", "daily login", "interact with the platform for 7 days straight", "accumulate 50 followers" and many others!

XTM is the multichain utility token (Ethereum + BINANCE Smart Chain + HECO Chain + Polygon) of Torum ecosystem and it's now listed on Kucoin, Huobi, Uniswap and Pancakeswap.

?#SocialFi Metaverse Pioneer;

?Backed by Huobi Ventures & KUCOIN Labs;

?Big community of more than 200,000 users;

?Earn XTM everyday claiming Missions in the Social Network;

?Sign up with my referral link and complete the verification to earn 12,5 XTM airdrop: https://www.torum.com/?referral_code=makeitreal

2. LayerAI - The ZK Layer-2 that lets you own the monetisation of your AI data. Turn every task of your daily life into a source of income!

LayerAI is the ZK Layer-2 blockchain that powers the AI revolution. LayerAI (LAI) is a ZK Layer-2 blockchain that that monetizes the AI & data revolution.  This blockchain protocol uses a low-cost, secure, safe, and private zkRollup technology to turn data into a valuable asset - used in AI models to power value creation in many industries. LayerAI is building a sustainable ‘to earn’ ecosystem that pays users for contributing data that is then sold in the global data marketplace. Here you can find the official website: http://layerai.org/

Download LayerAI and start earning as you live: https://app.layerai.org/referral?code=D3LWL20 or use my code to sign up: D3LWL20

Keep Calm & HODL.


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