Electroneum is Feeling Charitable this Christmas

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This is according to a blogpost by Liquid. Together with Electroneum and DustAid it will be giving away a part of their trading fees to selected charities. You are welcome to participate in the project.

Accordingly, you have to either purchase or trade ETN on Liquid between December 21, 2019 and January 2, 2020. Half of the fees paid will be given away to charity.

The blog post also encouraged people to share their funds. You can donate by scanning the QR codes on the site.  

Selected Charities

The handpicked charities include:

Tiyepad: Located in Malawi, South-East Africa, it operates via a traditional internet cafe where all of its profits are used for helping send the local girls to school. Thus, Tiyepad offers educational relief to underprivileged women.

Little Edi Shoebox Appeal: Registered in the UK, it assists orphans in Europe. The charity purchases, wraps, packs and delivers gifts to the kids in need.

That said, DustAid explains to the charity projects the advantages of accepting crypto donations. Specifically, that it is an easier way for them to access funds.

The exciting nature of crypto

Arguably, cryptocurrency is one of the most exciting innovations in the last decade. And it has assisted people all over the globe: from reaching out to the unbanked to facilitating financial freedom. Especially in regions like Cuba and Argentina ravaged by hyperinflation.

Well known for its numerous donations and charitable giving, the crypto space stands out in the world today. In April, Bitcoiners donated a substantial sum to rebuild the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. The Unicef agency also recently partnered with bitcoin and ethereum to enable charitable giving.

Previously, Altcoin Buzz reported about has a new team member, former Unicef Executive.


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