Converting my Swap.Hive to Swap.Wax and CTPSB challenge.

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CTPSB challenge was already started 3 weeks ago and one of the ways to get the points in this challenge is to get the ctpsb NFT by bidding the CTPSB NFT in the WAX blockchain. Since I have the Hive/Swap.Hive and do not have Wax, so I decided to convert my (Swap)Hive into WAX and I used my Hive-Engine wallet for this purpose. First I login into my Hive-Engine wallet and put my buy order of SWAP.WAX and purchased SWAP.WAX.

Ideally, I should be checking the price and might be creating the "Buy Orders" but I decided to outright using the "Sell Orders" as I do not want to wait and watch and want to make sure I get the swap.wax.

Once I get the swap.wax , I had decided to convert my swap.wax into wax and for this I have to change my swap.wax to wax and this is done by withdrawing tokens.

For this, click on the "wallet" and there will be the option of the "Withdraw" Clicking on "Withdraw", option of "Withdraw tokens" and select "WAX" in the drop-down and put my desired amount and my wax address as "Withdraw Address". This transaction can be also verified in the Hive-Engine explorer "" and transaction will be shown as below.

transferred SWAP.WAX to @graphene-swap

I checked after some 45 minutes, I saw Wax in my wallet.

Once I got WAX on my wallet. I decided to place the bid on the gold NFT.

Not sure, if I will be able to win that NFT or not but at least , I have put my bid on it and if I win, this is is going to be my first gold NFT. I guess you guys might also be interested in knowing more about the CTPSB project and CTPSB token too, and I promise I will definitely put a detailed post about it later on.

Have a nice day and be happy.

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