Close Range ruleset in Splinterlands - It surely has some effect, but does it decide the match?

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Dear readers, have you heard the news? -Do not wonder, there are no news that came to my ear :(

I read about another spin-off game which would also receive its token airdrop, but hey... what about releasing Tower Defence game, first? :/

So it is the ruleset of "Close Range" for this week - basically the only content: Ranged attack units are not restricted anymore and can attack like both melee and magic attack from first position.

Read it more elaborate in the description: "Units with ranged attacks are allowed to attack in the first position."

Find my battle including "Close Range" ruleset here:

The lineups: As I again pretty much ignored Close Range and started with my beloved magic attack setup, my opponent made better use of the ruleset. He had three units with ranged attacks in place.

Furthermore his summoner pretty much negated the positive effect of mine.

The only advantage I got was that my attacks would bypass the added shield stats. My opponent had to fight his way through, though. But I could already imagine that he might become successful doing so.

Round 1 saw my main tank already battered.

Round 2 main tanks were gone. And see "Close Range" ruleset effect in action. If "Close Range" was not in place for this battle, my opponent's Venari Marksrat would cease fire and just wait to leave the board. Thanks to "Close Range" it hurt my Goblin Psych.

Round 3 saw Goblin Psych and Venari Marksrat leaving the board. However only to give way to a nearly invincible Life Sapper.

Well... I never made it past this one. So yes, I lost.

So in conclusion! Yes! Close Range ruleset has some effect, but was the effect decisive for the outcome of this match? -I personally do not think so!

Following the log of this fight it only added one activation to one unit over the course of this battle!

Surely this single battle is in no way representative, but still it is somehow in line with my overall impression of this ruleset!

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