Blockchain Democracy: The Revolutionary Ideas of Dan Larimer

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Dan Larimer is an American programmer, computer genius, blockchain expert, entrepreneur, influencer, and the founder of companies like BitShares, Steemit, EOS, and the Fractally project.  He is a significant figure in the modern world of technology. His blockchain projects have always been highly successful, as Larimer's ideas are consistently brought to the market with precision. As early as 2009, he was involved in creating his own cryptocurrency and interacting with Satoshi Nakamoto

Now, having made numerous technological breakthroughs and created several revolutionary projects, Larimer has set his sights on reimagining societal structures. In his book published in 2021, he contemplates the establishment of "true democracy" through the use of blockchain, and game theory.

A New "Animal Farm"?

The title of his book, "More Equal Animals: The Subtle Art of True Democracy," alludes to George Orwell's famous novella "Animal Farm" and its principle of "all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." In his work Larimer pointed out the key aspects that hinder the development of modern society. 

At the core of his theory lies the thesis that centralization harms humanity. That’s why he seeks a path to a new democracy, governmental management without parties, factions, electoral campaigns, or power manipulations. According to Larimer, individuals must be given the opportunity to reach new consensus, and only then can humanity take a tangible step forward.

New Technologies for a New World

Larimer considers the rejection of centralized power as the foundation for building a new system. This same idea underpins blockchain technology, in the development of which he has been directly involved.

Studying societal systems, Larimer noticed that the larger the group of people is, the more difficult it is for them to reach an agreement. Larimer proposes to solve this problem using the concept of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). DAOs management does not depend on external regulators; their operation is fully autonomous and controlled by the group's participants themselves.

Nuances of "True Democracy"

Dan Larimer has decided not to stop at merely discussing the problems he has identified in society but has also proposed his solutions for each of them. For example, he suggests:

  • Creating Decentralized Autonomous Corporations (DACs), as only they lead to autonomy for each member of society.
  • Using low-tech solutions instead of high-tech ones for greater independence.
  • Establishing a new political party based on the ideas of "true democracy."
  • Granting each member of society the "right to secede" to prevent the emergence of tyranny.

It is worth noting that Larimer's approach is largely experimental and requires considerable courage to implement.

How to Build a "New Society"

In his book, Larimer clearly outlines the main idea – that every member of such a society can contribute to its development. The main difference between such a society and all historical analogs is that each member of this collective strives for individual independence. To achieve this, participants of the "new society" must be:

  • Physically and psychologically healthy and resilient.
  • Prepared to minimize their dependencies.
  • Ready to use real money.
  • Capable of avoiding debts.
  • Able to produce their own energy and food.

What is Larimer's Vision?

Dan Larimer, a renowned experimenter, modern genius, and reformer, wants to change the world. He calls for the dissemination of his new book so that the ideas of "true democracy" become known to all. Then, in his opinion, a global restructuring can be achieved.

Interestingly, in some circles, Larimer is considered a person incapable of seeing his ideas through to the end. He is known for creating large projects and then leaving them in order  to work on something new.

Despite criticism, Dan Larimer's contribution to the entire blockchain infrastructure is immense. He is truly a person whose intellect can change certain aspects of societal life. The question is just how far Larimer will go and whether he will not become another tyrant with the sole correct view of society's future.

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