BlackRock Advisor Joins Real World Interactions (RWIs) Protocol Post $1.5 Million Funding

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Paul Taylor, a venture partner at BlackRock, has joined the advisory board of PairedWorld. This move coincides with PairedWorld’s successful closure of a $1.5 million funding round.

Paul Taylor’s inclusion in PairedWorld’s board is expected to boost the protocol’s development significantly. His extensive expertise in fintech and blockchain aligns with PairedWorld’s mission.

Meanwhile, under CEO Larry Fink’s leadership, BlackRock is expanding its horizon. The asset management firm has shifted from traditional environment, social, and governance (ESG) labels to more specific investment categories.

These include climate, green, and transition funds. This strategic pivot is part of BlackRock’s effort to lead in the global market amidst a politicized environment surrounding ESG investing. The company’s climate transition funds have shown remarkable growth, drawing $13.9 billion in net flows last year.

BlackRock has indeed maintained a proactive approach in emerging sectors. This is highlighted by its foray into the tokenization of real-world assets

“We have the technology to tokenize today. If you have a tokenized security and identity, the moment you buy or sell an instrument on a general ledger, that is all created together. You want to talk about issues around money laundering. This eliminates all corruption by having a tokenized system,” Fink explained

Moreover, BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust has been the fastest-growing spot Bitcoin ETF, amassing over $15 billion in inflows within three months of its launch

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