Astar Network announces mainnet launch for its Polygon-powered zkEVM

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The campaign program intends to provide access to Astar Network’s original characters, which are inspired by Japanese Yokais “Yokis. With over 40 Web3 projects, creators and enterprises involved, the campaign will be a big chance for users to explore and interact across the Astar zkEVM platform.

As well as acquiring Yokis, users will have an opportunity to grab artwork by various artists, builders and enterprises. Users can acquire Yokis via Capsule Machines, or “Yo-Ports”.

According to Astar, ”Yoki Origins” will support social logins as well credit card payments, making it possible for anyone to join and participate.

Commenting on the launch campaign aims to achieve, Henskens, noted:

The Astar zkEVM launch campaign “Yoki Origins” will help demonstrate the extent of our ecosystem’s reach, while celebrating our Japanese origins in a way that’s uniquely Astar.” 

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