April Is Here, Set Crypto Investment Plans

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March is end and it was great for many crypto investors but I'm still recovering losses and April can be the month when I'll be able to recover previous losses. Crypto market will keep continue offering you to buy and sell as green candles and red candles both we experience like we experience sunny and gloomy weather. April crypto plans can be set at the very beginning of this month though things are here not always according to plan as sometimes waiting period can be longer. 

Today is the first day of April and this is the day when I pay bills, rents and stay relax for all month long. Feeling blessed that I'm ready for my personal finance or spendings for April. Saving money really great because it help us having financial freedom. A person who doesn’t have monthly income should save money to handle personal finance smoothly and I've no monthly fix income. I work, I earn but the earning is not specific and it help me earning like people earn from business. 

Depending on crypto trading to make money only can be full of risk because here gain is not guaranteed and sometimes taking risk can cause a long time wait for holding crypto coins. This is the reality, I've no intention to discourage you to do crypto trading,  we can do it at our own risk because It's your money so It's your choice. Time decide either we become a winner or a loser and I was a loser of the March as I couldn’t yet recover my $150 but I may recover it in this April. 

Solana is pumping so I skip buying and switch to other crypto coin for buying. It can't bring huge profit but at least can help making some stable coins or maybe crypto coins too. My crypto investment is not preplanned so I'm not sure what will be my next move to recover my $150 that I lost when trade unwisely and impatiently. It's my own mistake that I can fix in this April. I'm not overwhelmed but I'm hopeful that crypto will bring more blessings in my financial life as it brought many times in the past.

Bitcoin is more than $70k and it has possibility to break previous records of price pump. Thinking positive doesn’t cost money so I love to think positive and positive things happen too. ETH price is also moving forward and I wish to see it hit $4k worth price once again. Many observers saying that Solana will be $500 worth price in next few months and that is also a good news for Solana investors. Solana already doing great and it attract me to buy but it looks like pretty high for buying right now. But I may buy it again but not sure about holding it. Hope thie April bring huge success and blessings in our life. 

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