Testing Crypto Websites, All Participation is Much Appreciated 100%

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                     I have been testing Crypto websites for the past year and now that I know at least 80+ % of them are scammer sites I still have Faith in some of them. I only deposited in 2 sites and both were fraud, I will continue doing this so that the scammer sites go down faster and less People fall victim to these types of scams. Most of these sites ask to have a certain amount of referrals in order to withdraw so I will put all the links of sites that are potentially not scammer sites and hope You guys can register through these links so I can find out if these sites are Real or Fake, I appreciate anyone who participates in this test. Please don't make any deposits on these site if You register, I will write another article once I find out if the Withdraw works. Thank You for whoever signs up through My links.









             Jesse Jameson

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