Starting from $0.00 making your first dollar worth of BCH.

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   So how can you go from no money at all to $1 worth of BCH? The process is pretty simple; in this article I will give you the run down on how to make $1 out of nothing. In the next article I will explain how to go from $1 to $5 and so on.

   You will need a wallet for your crypto. There are many out there but for our purposes we will be using the . It’s a micro wallet for your Android phone or you can use the web version. The reason behind using this wallet is because some of the coins we will be collecting later. Everything we do will be instant withdraws no wait for payout. They also offer a coin swap option which will come in handy later.

   The first $1 seems like the hardest to make just because it takes a few days. We will be using a simple airdrop site call cashrain that pays in Bitcoin cash BCH. All you have to do is sign up and re tweet posts from the communities you joined and you will be entered into the airdrop. Starting out at lvl 0 you can join 20 communities at lvl 1 you can join 30 and so on. There are quite a few communities to choose from and the airdrops happen every 24 hours so no waiting for weeks or months for your reward. So simply make your airdrops daily and you will have your first dollar worth of BCH in no time.

   The next article we will be getting into a few faucets that will bring you large amounts of crypto that isn’t worth much now but in the next year I feel will go to the moon. The faucets will be instant withdraw into our cwallets

Thank you for taking the time to read my article.

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