Interpol Collaboration Reduced Crypto Malware Infections by 78%

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International crime-fighting agency Interpol and its collaborators are responsible for reducing the number of users infected by cryptomining malware by 78%. 

According to a blog post by Trend Micro, collaborations between the “white hat” community and Interpol have been effective in reducing the impact of crypto cybercriminals, particularly mining malware. 

“Cryptojacking,” which involves infecting computers with crypto mining software, has become a popular avenue for cybercriminals and was the most detected threat by Trend Micro through the first half of 2019. The security firm explained the majority of users don’t even realize they are infected, 

The malware sits on their machine in the background mining for digital currency 24/7/365. Increasingly, hackers have taken to launching sophisticated attacks against enterprise IT systems and cloud servers to increase their mining and earning potential.

Trend Micro partnered with Interpol as a part of their Operation Goldfish Alpha program to crack down on the threat of cryptojacking around the world. According to the report, the collaboration helped identify over 20,000 hacked routers across 10 countries and was able to reduce the number of infections by 78%. 

The report concluded,

We’ll continue to lend a hand wherever we can to make our connected, digital world a safer place.

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