Yubico: Transforming the Face of Passwordless Authentication Through Yubikey

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In an era of rapidly changing technology, innovation is the key to stay ahead of the learning curve. Take, for instance, the passwordless login technique, the latest churn we are witnessing in the technology industry today. Not only it is very convenient as you need not be bothered about the setting and then resetting the password (and of course, remembering the password), this new authentication technique is also far ahead in providing better safety and security to the target audience.


One of the most coveted names in the passwordless login technology domain is the Yubico. The company was incepted in Sweden in 2007, and since then, it is working in the direction of providing a safe and secure login to millions of users in both personal and enterprise domains.

By providing more safe and secure access to the internet (which by the way is the mission of the company), the entire picture of the technology domain can be changed drastically in the future. Consider a scenario where there are no cryptocurrency hacks or online thefts, and though it is an ideal one think for a moment, if we are able to provide such a high level of safety to internet access, many new fledgling technologies including liked of digital coins will become far more popular than what they are today.


To realize such a world, the solution offered by the Yubico is YubiKey. This product has become extremely popular among individual and enterprise customers alike, and its ability to offer completely safe and secure access to the network is something everyone in the technology domain today is talking about. YubiKey is a small plastic thing, and once you have it in your system, nobody else will be able to login to your account. Once you insert the YubiKey into your system, it generates a one-time password (either 6 or 8 characters) that will be required to log in any service you want to access. Its chip is temper proof, and it is almost next to impossible to hack the account secured with YubiKey.

Advantages of YubiKey

Using the YubiKey, you can secure several important accounts, including your Gmail, cryptocurrency wallet, etc. Some of the large organization such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, are very good at updating their websites and following very stringent safety and security protocols; however, when it comes to small organizations working in the field of Banking and Finance, insurance, component manufacturing, and supply-chain, the upgradation of the security standards is not a very financially viable option because of the high cost involved in the process.

It is exactly where the utility of YubiKey comes into the picture. Today millions of small scale organizations have benefited with the use of this passwordless authentication technique. There is hardly any doubt about the enormous potential that the future holds for the passwordless authentication technique, and even a cursory look at several organizations foraying into this segment will testify the urge of millions to have safe and secure access to the internet and networks across the globe.

In sum, being in the leader of passwordless authentication space, there is a huge responsibility on the shoulders of Yubico to maintain the high level of standards it has established for others to follow. It is not an easy task to accomplish though going by the record of the company of providing the highest level of safety standards in the past; we are confident that Yubico will rise to the occasion and maintain its reputation of providing holistic and foolproof security solutions to both private and commercial organizations.

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