Why has Bitcoin still got market dominance?

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In our minds and most other people's minds when we think of a cryptocurrency we think immediately of Bitcoin, this is because of whales and the media pushing it's name down our throats when there are plenty of better alternatives like NANO or XMR. 

Let's compare Bitcoin's main competitors;

Ethereum - No anonymity, annoying gas prices, transactions taking 5 minutes or more.

Monero - Untraceable as there is no LEDGER and Easy to mine, transactions taking 21 minutes.

Nano - Zero cost for transactions, no anonymity unlike Monero, transactions taking 0-2 seconds.

Bitcoin is not worth investing in, it has no real practical use, it's extremely slow, it's archaic, it's old, it's full of controversy and is what the normies think of when you mention "I trade crypto, what do you do?". I will always have a place in my heart for Bitcoin but it's time to move on from it and use coins like Monero and Nano which have actual usage purposes.

Other coins have not been listed but please understand this is my first time writing a post, I'm quite frankly a noob, I hope to write a more in depth piece when I have more time. 


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