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 What is Earth2.io?

Earth 2 is a futuristic concept for a second earth; a metaverse, between virtual and physical reality in which real-world geolocations on a sectioned map correspond to user generated digital virtual environments. These environments can be owned, bought, sold, and in the near future deeply customized. But what is is actually?


Imagine a world where we all wear a VR-headset and we are all playing the same game that’s called Earth2.io. Its basically the same as real life but as a game so better. The gaming industry capicity in the US only 2020 is 60.4BN USD. Is it possible that Earth2.io is going to be responsible for a very big part of that? Why do I want a VR-version of Earth?


Earth2.io Allows Its Early Users To Invest In An AR Platform And Earn Money At The Same Time

Earth2.io Really Is Virtual Real Estate That Allows You To Earn Money From Home


What Is Earth2 | Earth2.io Reviews | Earth2 Codes

What Is Earth2.io and how does it make you money? Need reviews about Earth2 before making a decision? We have everything you need to know related to Earth2.io inclusive of codes and interviews of the BIGGEST Earth2.io accounts to all the how to’s on the virtual reality platform.

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Earth2 Enables User Generated Digital Virtual Environments


All You Need To Know About Earth2.io

What is Earth2.io? In short Earth2.io as of the time of writing is a concept that recruits elements of the film Ready Player One and the board game Monopoly. Earth2.io is currently (December 22nd 2020) In it’s first phase of development, whereby new users can purchase tiles of land from a virtual replication of earth that will eventually gain in value the very same way that real life commodities and assets do.



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Get A ROI From Earth2.io As Well As A Passive Income  


How To Make Money On Earth2.io

Earth2.io offers a few different opportunities for users to earn real world money. As of the time of writing there exists three key revenue streams for Earth2.io users with many more to be released as the development moves into phase two. Lets take a look at the current three ways you can earn money on Earth2.io

Earn Money On Earth2.io With Land Value

Land prices in Earth2.io are just like the real world, the price of land (tiles) in Earth2.io will fluctuate. The lowest price a tile can be bought for is $0.10 for a 10x10m plot and as the lands values within a country increase due to supply and demand, so does the land that you hold the deeds to. Its the old buy low sell high! Earth2.io really does offer you the ability to buy and hold assets and watch them increase in value! My advice is stop reading this, click the link below and get in whilst you are still early to the game!

Earn Money On Earth2.io With Land Income Tax

Just like the real world, Earth2.io has a tax system. How does the land tax system in Earth2.io work? Super simple. Buy your land in a country that is seeing increases in sales, get them a class 1, class 2 or class 3 whilst they’re available and you will forever find yourself earning money which is automatically credited to your account every day. Be aware, if you do not jump into this before all countries run out of class 3 tiles, you will still be able to purchase tiles or land but will not be able to earn the income tax. This creates a major advantage for early Earth2.io users as class 1 to 3 tiles are limited in each country.

Earn Money On Earth2.io Referrals For A Limited Time

Earth2.io is currently allowing its earliest users to also generate income – REAL WORLD MONEY – through referrals. By sharing your referral code which you will receive when you sign up, you will automatically receive 5% commission of the money spent from your referral and they will also receive a 5% kickback! This is an awesome way to help grow the Earth2.io platform, have fun and still make money from it!


Use Earth2.io Referral Code: 82BXTV5IXI


Buy Land Tiles in Earth2.io In Any Country Of Your Choosing

All Earth2.io Tiles Represnt A Real Life Plot Of 10x10m


Where Should You Buy Land Tiles In Earth2.io

Where should you buy land in Earth2.io? The answer to this is quite simple, the idea is to create a return of investment, therefor look out for countries that are seeing rapid increases in value. Also, in Earth2.io it is wise to buy tiles that are in countries with under 100k tiles sold as well as trying to get them for under $0.20 per tile. This will see you get the best return on investment for your tiles. Also bare in mind that places which in the real world are considered high footfall areas are likely to see alot of footfall once the game goes live. Earth2.io is giving us an opportunity to make money in the same way that bitcoin did, but with the ability to have fun at the same time. Earth2.io really is Minecraft meets Monopoly!


Earth2.io Isn’t Just A Platform For Investors Or Gamers, It Is A Community

Join An Earth2.io Community Now And Get Ahead Of The Game


The 3 Top Facebook Groups For Earth2.io

Earth2.io Official Community

This official Earth2.io community was the first group on Facebook I found. The Earth2.io community was extremely helpful in giving me the opportunity to find the answers to the not so usual questions that surrounded Earth2.io as both an investment opportunity that would see my money make a long term gain as well as answering the not so usual questions surrounding Earth2.io as a virtual game in the future.



Sell Your Earth2.io Tiles With Official Earth 2 Virtual Real Estate Sales

Want to sell your Earth2.io Property? This Earth2.io Virtual Real Estate Sales Group is a fantastic group to join, set up by Nathan Ryder, the group is designed for Earth2.io users to list their Virtual Real Estate for sale. The group is well monitored by Nathan, he ensures that there is no spam and hat all listings are well structured.



Earth 2 Memes Facebook Group

Looking for the best Earth 2 memes to help the day pass by? We have our very own Facebook group full of earth 2 memes as well as our continuous additions to the what is earth 2 website! You can also check us out on our what is earth 2 Instagram account for more earth 2 memes as well!


Want To Join Earth2.io And Begin Making Money?

If this site has helped you to make an educated decision about Earth2.io please use the code: 82BXTV5IXI for 5% cashback.


Have An Earth2.io Related Question?

Massage Your Earth2.io Question And Let’s See If We Can Help


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