We Will Make a Cryptocurrency Basket, But How ... ?

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Hello Friends; you see that the bull season is approaching, with the analysis of cryptocurrency experts starting on social media platforms. Have you made your preparations for the rally that will start with only one positive news? Cryptocurrency basket suggestions started to come one after another from YouTube influencers and analysts. If you want to make a basket; You are in the right place. Which cryptocurrencies should I make a basket from? If you are ready for my article where you will find answers to many questions such as "What proportions should I buy ... ?", let's get started...

What is a cryptocurrency basket? Why should it be done...?

It is a portfolio consisting of more than one cryptocurrency. Conscious investors create baskets to maximize their profits and minimize their losses. It is risky for an investor to invest all his capital in a single cryptocurrency. A sudden price drop in the relevant cryptocurrency may cause the investor to suffer major losses. However, creating a cryptocurrency basket by dividing the capital among different cryptocurrencies minimizes the risk of loss. Moreover, since the investor does not tie his capital to a single cryptocurrency, he also evaluates possible opportunities in other cryptocurrencies and reduces the possibility of losing profit.

Making baskets reduces investors' risk of loss. However, when making a cryptocurrency basket, you should carefully choose the cryptocurrencies in which you will divide your capital.

Cryptocurrency baskets are basically divided into two groups. It is divided into two: Bitcoin and altcoin basket. Cryptocurrency experts have various investment strategy recommendations for these two types of cryptocurrency baskets.

Cryptocurrency Basket

1 - What is a Bitcoin basket and how is it made ... ?

Bitcoin (BTC) basket; It is a type of cryptocurrency basket with Bitcoin at its center. When making a Bitcoin basket, you must invest percent of your capital in BTC; It is recommended that you divide your remaining capital among more than one altcoin with high transaction volume and market value. Ethereum (ETH) percent, LINK percent and POLYGON (MATIC) percent... However, some investors may prefer to make a Bitcoin basket consisting only of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

2 - What is an altcoin basket and how is it made ... ?

Altcoin basket; It is a cryptocurrency basket consisting of altcoins. Altcoin concept; It covers all cryptocurrencies except Bitcoin. Different strategies can be followed when creating an altcoin basket. An investor who wants to create a low-risk altcoin basket can divide his capital among altcoins such as Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Solana (SOL) with the largest market value and sufficient transaction volume. Some investors invest the majority of their capital, that is, 50 percent, in a reliable altcoin; The rest can be divided among riskier altcoins that have low market capitalization but the potential to bring high profits with sudden price movements.

It is also possible to create an altcoin basket according to cryptocurrency types. For example; It is thought that Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects will come to the fore this bull season. Such a basket can be created.

Cryptocurrency Basket

Advantages of the cryptocurrency basket ...

Mitigation of Risk; When the performance of one investment deteriorates, the possible good performance of other investments can maintain or increase the value of the total portfolio. This reduces the risk of concentrating your entire investment in a single asset.

Better Returns; A portfolio spread across a variety of investment vehicles generally offers more balanced and consistent returns than a single investment type.

Protection Against Market Fluctuations; Different asset classes respond to market conditions in different ways. Therefore, diversifying your portfolio allows you to protect yourself from fluctuations in a particular sector or asset class.

My Last Words; My friends, I hope you can create a basket before bull season arrives. I would be very happy if the information I provided above could help you while preparing this.

If you ask me what the basket is; I created 4 cryptocurrency baskets.

1. Basket; It consists of cryptocurrencies with high transaction volume. mainly LINK, MATIC, UNI

2. Basket; It consists of cryptocurrencies that have never seen a bull. Arbitrum (ARB), Optimism (OP), Aptos (APT)

3. Basket; The stock market consists of cryptocurrencies. Bitget (BGB), Gate.io (GT), BITCI, ICPX (Pre-Sale)

4. Basket; It consists of high-risk cryptocurrencies. BiSwap (BSW), PRIMAL, KMON, ZIG

A question may come to your mind: Why doesn't this guy have Bitcoin (BTC) in his baskets? The answer is simple; I keep the Bitcoin I bought for the long term. I don't include it in the baskets because I won't sell it.

As I always say; Listen to everyone, decide for yourself... Good Luck...

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